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Submission + - Solar Panel Trade War Heats Up 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Reuters reports that Chinese solar companies could soon find themselves bereft of some of their biggest foreign markets as Western manufacturers intensify a solar trade war and seek stiff anti-dumping duties on low-cost Chinese products. German group SolarWorld says it is working on steps to curb alleged price dumping by Chinese rivals in Europe as a group of seven US solar companies urges the US government to slap anti-dumping duties on Chinese-made solar energy products. Western solar companies have been at odds with their Chinese counterparts for years, alleging they receive lavish credit lines to offer modules at cheaper prices. “American solar operations should be rapidly expanding to keep pace with the skyrocketing demand for these products,” says Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon whose office authored a whitepaper called "China's Grab for Green Jobs." (PDF) “But that is not what has been happening. There seems to be one primary explanation for this; that is, that China is cheating.” But Beijing says it has been fair in its dealings with its trade partners and adheres to its commitments with the World Trade Organization (WTO). "(The complaint) is closely related to the domestic political and economic situation. There are some social conflicts and an economic crisis in the United States, so they need to seek a way out and find scapegoats," says Meng Xiangan, Vice chairman of China Renewable Energy Society."
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Solar Panel Trade War Heats Up

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