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Submission + - VMware's virtualized Android phones coming to Veri (arstechnica.com)

PolygamousRanchKid writes: VMware’s project to bring virtualization technology to Android smartphones has locked up a major carrier partner in Verizon Wireless, which will start selling virtualized phones “in the coming months,” VMware announced today.

The technology, known as VMware Horizon Mobile, essentially creates two phones on the same device by installing a guest operating system in a virtual machine, resulting in a work environment that is isolated from a user’s personal environment, applications and data. LG and Samsung have both agreed to build phones containing VMware’s mobile hypervisor.

VMware and partners have conducted enterprise trials with 50 users from 5 businesses to gain feedback on performance and usability, and is conducting more trials next month. VMware has also developed a smartphone management platform for IT shops known as Horizon Mobile Manager, a Web-based product designed to help administrators provision, monitor and manage corporate phone profiles on employee-owned devices. Telefonica will resell Horizon Mobile Manager in a cloud-based service.

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VMware's virtualized Android phones coming to Veri

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