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Submission + - 18-Year Old Student Discovers Comet Break-Up (discovery.com) 2

astroengine writes: "It's an event that any professional astronomer would consider to be a once in a lifetime discovery. But for one 18-year old British student, witnessing the fragmentation of a comet she was studying became the highlight of a summer work experience program using the multi-million pound Faulkes Telescope Project.

However, that was just the icing on the cake; Hannah Blyth of St Johns College, Cardiff, also assisted in the discovery of over 20 previously unknown asteroids, two of which she discovered herself.

It is extremely rare to spot a fragmenting comet, but for an amateur (let alone an 18-year old student on work experience) this is an incredible achievement."

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18-Year Old Student Discovers Comet Break-Up

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