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Phoghat writes: "With her most recent drive of 482 feet (146.8 meters) on June 1, 2011 (Sol 2614), NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover has zoomed past the unimaginable 30 kilometer (18,64 miles) mark in total odometry since safely landing on Mars nearly seven and one half years ago on Jan 24, 2004. That’s 50 times beyond the roughly quarter mile of roving distance initially forseen.
And Opportunity is still going strong, in good health and has abundant solar power as she continues driving on her ambitious overland trek across the martian plains of Meridiani Planum. She is heading to the giant Endeavour crater, some 22 km (14 miles) in diameter."

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Opportunity Surpasses 30 KM Driving !

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  • People involved were pretty certain the rovers will go beyond time and distance "planned"; it was a "guarantee" of sorts while staying within the budget (both mass and financial one). End outcome being also(!) a result of pleasant environmental surprise about the dust.

    And Lunokhod 2 covered 37 km in 4 months, so while TFA is certainly amazing and very impressive... "unimaginable" kinda goes too far.

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