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Submission + - What gadgets would you use for hunting meteorites? 4

DrPeper writes: I *may* have an opportunity to assist a pair of renowned meteorite hunters (yes the ones on the Science Channel). Being the MacGuyver everywhere I've worked and a consummate geek, I thought I would pose a question to the UberGeek community. If you were to go meteorite hunting, what gadgets would you use?

I've already thought of using; a UAV with a radio gradiometer, or attaching a coil to a quadrocopter, blimp, or terrestrial robot. The point of which would be to have it automatically produce a gradient map of the density of ferrous metals in a given area.

Any crazy ideas out there?
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What gadgets would you use for hunting meteorites?

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  • Radar three-dimensional polarimetric imaging
  • An ultra-violet lamp. At night, stoney meteorites have glowing parts with UV light. It is not 100%, but can lead to some geology that is not from the area. Diving equipment if there is a lake in the area. The bottom tells you nothing, but the banks below the water edge have clues to geology from alluvial flow.

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