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Submission + - What gadgets would you use for hunting meteorites? 4

DrPeper writes: I *may* have an opportunity to assist a pair of renowned meteorite hunters (yes the ones on the Science Channel). Being the MacGuyver everywhere I've worked and a consummate geek, I thought I would pose a question to the UberGeek community. If you were to go meteorite hunting, what gadgets would you use?

I've already thought of using; a UAV with a radio gradiometer, or attaching a coil to a quadrocopter, blimp, or terrestrial robot. The point of which would be to have it automatically produce a gradient map of the density of ferrous metals in a given area.

Any crazy ideas out there?
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What gadgets would you use for hunting meteorites?

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  • Radar three-dimensional polarimetric imaging
  • An ultra-violet lamp. At night, stoney meteorites have glowing parts with UV light. It is not 100%, but can lead to some geology that is not from the area. Diving equipment if there is a lake in the area. The bottom tells you nothing, but the banks below the water edge have clues to geology from alluvial flow.

I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.