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Submission + - DNA Testing Proposed for All Felony Arrests in NM

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "AP reports that a proposal to expand DNA testing to anyone arrested for a felony in New Mexico has passed the NM House expanding a 2006 state law requiring DNA samples of those arrested of certain violent felonies, such as murder, kidnapping and sex offenses. "We must give law enforcement the best possible tools to prevent crime and convict criminals, and requiring DNA samples from those arrested for felonies is simply the modern-day equivalent of fingerprinting," says Governor Susana Martinez. Under the measure, already enacted in a dozen states, suspects 18 and older will have to provide DNA samples — from a cheek swab, for example — when they're booked at jails for any felony as supporters says the expanded testing can help prevent crimes. But opponents contend the testing violates a person's right to privacy and could cause police to make arrests on a pretext to obtain a DNA sample. "There is a right of privacy because everybody is considered innocent until proven guilty," says Rep. David Chavez. "It's not going to end here. At some point, you're going to be swabbing babies.""
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DNA Testing Proposed for All Felony Arrests in NM

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