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Submission + - Fact free science is on the move. Beware! (nytimes.com) 6

G3ckoG33k writes: Fact free science is not a joke, it is very much on the move and it is quite possibly the most dangerous movement in centuries, for the entire mankind. One can say it began as counter-movement to Karl Popper's ground-breaking proposals in the early 20th century, which insisted that statements purporting to describe the reality should be made falsifiable. A few decades later some critics of Popper said that statements need peer acceptance, which then makes also natural science a social phenomenon. Even later, in 1996, professor Alan Sokal submitted a famous article ridiculing the entire anti-science movement. Now New York Times has an article describing the latest chilling acts of the social relativistic postmodern loons. It is a chilling read, and they may be swinging both the political left and right. Have they been successful in transforming the world yet? How would we know?
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Fact free science is on the move. Beware!

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  • The NY Times article is either a dupe or a broken link, linking to a page of headlines which have nothing to do with the issue at hand. To make things worse, I FUCKING SIGNED UP just to find this out. OP, you're a troll, and not even a good one (although, on the other hand, I bit didn't I?)

    • The point is that there are postmodern loons behind

      1) The denial of gender
      2) The denial of evolution
      3) The denial of climate change
      4) The denial of observations
      5) fill-in-your-own-option

      The NY Times article is an example of all that.

      • Well post me a working link to TFA then, since as I said, the link points to a page of headlines. I really did just sign up to NYT just to find this out, I'm not trolling (for once) - perhaps you are, and I've bitten twice?

        • The article is named "Fact-Free Science" and was written by Judith Warner, and published 27 Feb 2011.

          The link doesn't work for me either now, even if it did at the time of posting. However, I can find article now again by searching for "Fact-Free Science" [without the quotes] in the top left search field at the front page. Please let me know if you still can't find the article.

          If tried to create a new working link but failed. But, as I said, one should be able to find the article using the search as mention

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