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Submission + - Police Seizes Blog over "Kill Berlusconi" Satire ( 2

Giorgio Maone writes: Italian Police just seized the Savona e Ponente Blog because the 60 years old journalist Valeria Rossi posted a satiric article titled "I want to kill Berlusconi", writing that "you can't feel guilty of wishing him death, because he's not human: he's an alien, with incredible psychic powers." Otherwise, how could such a clown, with multiple pending trials for corruption, tax offenses, abuse of power and even child prostitution, convince the majority of the other politicians and a consistent slice of Italian people to keep him as their prime minister for almost 20 years now?

Here's a mirror of the incriminating text (Italian).

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Police Seizes Blog over "Kill Berlusconi" Satire

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  • I seem to remember few fairly similar Roman Emperors, at the least in spirit. Or (ducks) Popes...
  • please, please, this is slashdot not your political forum, just go somewhere else if you want to talk about you first minister. You can say it's censorship when in your article you say you want to kill someone and you hope for his death, would you call censorship if the article closed was about recreating nazi party and go another time for the "final solution" ? There is a known ontoloy for journalists, and that article simply forget it.. just to get some more viewers, also in italy there's an old law calle

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