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Submission + - D.C. wants feeds from private security cameras ( 1

AHuxley writes: D.C.'s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency has plans to centralize the feeds from thousands of private security cameras.
A plan for 2011 submitted to the city administrator by HSEMA says the agency plans to centralize cameras at private businesses and those run by Metro and the D.C. Housing Authority. Banks, corner stores and gas stations around the nation's capital will have their camera streams watched 24/7 by officials from different departments at the Joint All-Hazards Operation Center.
Feeds from 4,500 cameras operated by the District's department of transportation and school system are already connected.
Regulations make it illegal for a HSEMA camera to be focused on literature being carried by someone in a protest.

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D.C. wants feeds from private security cameras

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  • So who pays for the connection?

    Closed circuit camera systems are "closed".

    Adding a mux and data stream could cost
    serious bucks and require more bandwidth
    and storage than Netflix.

    Your tax dollars ... sound of the big FLUSH in the white bowl.

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