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Submission + - Medical researcher rediscovers integration ( 1

parallel_prankster writes: I find this paper very amusing.
From the abstract — To develop a mathematical model for the determination of total areas under curves from various metabolic studies. Hint! If you replace phrases like "curves from metabolic studies" with just "curves", then you'll note that Dr. Tai rediscovered the rectangle method of approximating an integral. (Actually, Dr. Tai rediscovered the trapezoidal rule.). Apparently this is called "Tai's Model. This is also discussed here .

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Medical researcher rediscovers integration

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  • The paper talked about is from 1994 - a fact carefully avoided in the blog...

    Looks like he got jumped on pretty early on:
    Diabetes Care. 1994 Oct;17(10):1224-5; author reply 1225-7.
    Tai's formula is the trapezoidal rule.
    Monaco JH, Anderson RL.

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