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Submission + - X-37B Super Secret Space Plane To Land Soon ( 1

Phoghat writes: "The Highly Classified X-37B SSpace Plane is scheduled to land soon. Launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on April 22 on top of an Atlas 5 rocket, the Air Force is still being very secretive on al aspects of the flight. We do know that it's set to touch down at Vandenverg Air Force Base's 15,000 foot runway, originally built for the Space Shuttle program.
In many ways the craft resembles the shuttle with stubby wings, landing gear and a powerful engine that allows the craft to alter its orbit (much to the dismay of many observers on the ground)
It's success has Apparently given new life to its predecessor the X-34 which had been mothballed"

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X-37B Super Secret Space Plane To Land Soon

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