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Submission + - Blade Runner scribe in Ridley Scott's Forever War ( 1

bowman9991 writes: "With his adaptation of Joe Haldeman's 1974 novel 'The Forever War', Ridley Scott has once again teamed up with David Peoples, one of the writers responsible for 'Blade Runner'. Haldeman revealed that Peoples was onto his fourth draft. Scott's adaptation is likely to be in 3D and along with his pair of Alien prequels and Brave New World adaptation plans with Leonardo DiCaprio, confirms his full scale return to a genre he once claimed was 'as dead as westerns'."
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Blade Runner scribe in Ridley Scott's Forever War

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  • The Forever War is one of my favorite SciFi novels - I'm pumped for the movie. Now, if only they'd make Ender's Game...

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