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Submission + - The Search for the Mount Everest of caves (

NoMeansYes writes: An interview with James Tabor, author of the new best-selling book “Blind Descent,” reveals that it's a pair of accomplished scientists — American Bill Stone and Ukranian geologist Alexander Klimchouk — that are the two most prominent figures in extreme caving, and both have figured prominently in the ongoing quest to discover the deepest cave on earth. Tabor describes what conditions are like inside supercaves like Cheve (-4,869 feet) and Krubera (-7,188 feet), before discussing Stone and his far-reaching technological innovations, which include The Posideon Discovery Rebreather and NASA’s ENDURANCE. Extreme caving probably won't remain underground (so to speak) much longer, however. The article notes that James Cameron is planning to release a 3D film next year about extreme cave divers.
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The Search for the Mount Everest of caves

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