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Submission + - Reports Critical of WHO Over Swine Flu (

krou writes: An investigation by the British Medical Journal and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has revealed that 'WHO guidance issued in 2004 was authored by three scientists who had previously received payment for other work from Roche, which makes Tamiflu, and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), manufacturer of Relenza.' The report can be found here, but is behind a paywall. Although all three declared their industry ties, the WHO did not publicly disclose these ties. Also, the Council of Europe is due to release their report today 'on the handling of the H1N1 pandemic' (discussed before on slashdot), 'claiming that the decisions taken lacked transparency' and that there was a 'waste of huge sums of public money, provocation of unjustified fear amongst Europeans, creation of health risks through vaccines and medications which might not have been sufficiently tested before being authorised in fast-track procedures and distortion of priorities of public health services all over Europe.' Paul Flynn, the Labour MP who sits on the council's health committee, said: 'The tentacles of drug company influence are in all levels in the decision-making process. It must be right that the WHO is transparent because there has been distortion of priorities of public health services all over Europe, waste of huge sums of public money and provocation of unjustified fear.'
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Reports Critical of WHO Over Swine Flu

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