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Submission + - James Cameron to Develop 3D camera for Mars Rover

Hugh Pickens writes: "Computerworld reports that movie director James Cameron, of Avatar and Titanic fame, is working with Malin Space Science Systems Inc. to build an updated 3-D camera that will be installed on the Mars Science Laboratory rover, "Curiosity," if completed in time, to be the machine's "science-imaging workhorse," for the next robotic rover that NASA will send to Mars. Earlier this month, Malin delivered two cameras to be installed on the rover's main mast, however NASA has provided Malin with funding to work with Cameron to build alternatives to these two cameras. "The fixed focal length [cameras] we just delivered will do almost all of the science we originally proposed. But they cannot provide a wide field of view with comparable eye stereo, " says Michael Malin, who is working on the Malin camera team. "With the zoom [cameras], we'll be able to take cinematic video sequences in 3D on the surface of Mars. This will give our public engagement co-investigator, James Cameron, tools similar to those he used on his recent 3D motion picture projects.""
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James Cameron to Develop 3D camera for Mars Rover

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