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Submission + - Twins' DNA Foils Police

Hugh Pickens writes: "The Telegraph reports that James and John Parr were both arrested after watches worth £10,000 were stolen from a shopping center after police found blood on a piece of glass at the scene of the crime and traced it back to the 25-year-old identical twins through DNA tests. But James and John both denied the theft and, because they have identical DNA, it has been impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt which twin is responsible. "The police told us that they knew it was one of us, but we both denied it," says James. "I definitely know I didn't do anything wrong. I was watching my daughter that night." Now the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has concluded that it cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt who was responsible. "Unless further evidence becomes available, we are unable to authorize any charge at this time", says CPS spokesman Rob Pett. "This is certainly not something that we regularly encounter." Identical twins have hindered police investigations a number of times since the advent of DNA testing. In Malaysia last year, a man suspected of drug-smuggling and sentenced to death was released when the court could not prove whether it was he or his twin brother might have committed the crime."
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Twins' DNA Foils Police

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