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Submission + - Space Exploration Needs Extraterrestrial Ethics (hplusmagazine.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Professor Andy Miah notes there's already international government policies taking hold on outer space — and a need for new ethical guidelines. "For instance, what obligations do we owe to the various life forms we send there, or those we might discover? Can we develop a more considerate approach to colonizing outer space than we were able to achieve for various sectors of Earth?" And what rights do astronauts have? "Could our inevitable public surveillance of their behavior become too much of an infringement on their personal privacy?" But more importantly, professor Miah notes that "the goods of space exploration far exceed the symbolic value," pointing out that "A vast amount of research and development derives from space exploration... For example, the United Kingdom's 2007 Space Policy inquiry indicated that the creation of space products contributes two to three times their value in GDP."
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Space Exploration Needs Extraterrestrial Ethics

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