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Submission + - Sci-fi (or other reading) for girls? 6

Sooner Boomer writes: "This is a follow up on a question I asked of Slashdotters a few years ago. Not having found "Mrs. Boomer", I'm left with spoiling the daughters of my younger brother and sister. The oldest two are about 17 and starting college. The youngest two are 14/15. I've given them a wide range of science fiction and fantasy, everything from Heinlein and Asimov to the modern-day vampire stuff and Terry Pratchett. What should be on a "must read" list, and how does this change with age? Are there any books of this genre specifically aimed at older teens? Any specifically aimed at girls/young women?"
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Sci-fi (or other reading) for girls?

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  • Programming Windows, 5th Edition, by Charles Petzold

    It's a classic!
  • I'd recommend Connie Willis as a sci-fi author whose books generally have females as the main characters, but appeal both to boys and girls. They are also quite intelligent, and entertaining at several levels. Try "To say nothing of the dog" as an excellent witty time-travel novel. If you prefer short stories, try "Even the Queen" or "In the late Cretaceous", both of which are hilarious.

    Nothing wrong with Ursula LeGuin's Hainish cycle of books, also, for interesting gender perspectives. But that may not b
  • Some guys, especially uncles, seem to be hesitant to give girl relatives books with sex in them. At least that is my experience. I still recommend Snowcrash as a woman who enjoyed it. The girls might get into the attractions between Hiro, Juanita and YT. Plus YT is a young woman on an adventure, self reliant, tough. However, she does have sex at 15 with a nutty guy who totes around an H-Bomb and her method of protection does not exist in reality

    I helped with a different series and won't plug it in this

  • I believe it is better to give a good book rather then one that is age specific, though both can go together such as the Harry Potter books. Hugo and Nebula Award winners are a great place to look and get a feel for authors who write quality fiction that should be read by any science fiction / fantasy fan. Naturally, not every taste is equal, but in my quick review of the past winners, I had some names jump out at me. Books like Ender's Game, and Starship Troopers, Neuromancer, Dune, The Diamond Age, Hyp

  • Try Mercedes Lackey. I loved her stories about Valdemar while at high school, and they do have a feminine feel to them.

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