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Submission + - Is Internet Explorer 6/7 support actually required ( 3

k33l0r writes: Following Google's announcement ending support for Internet Explorer 6, has me wondering whether we (web developers) really need to continue providing support for IE6 and 7?

Especially when creating web sites intended for technical audiences, wouldn't it be best to end support for obsoleted browsers? Would this not provide additional incentives to upgrade?

Recently I (and my colleagues) had to decide whether it was worth our time to try and support anything before IE8, and in the end we decided to redirect any IE6/7 user-agent to a separately set up page explaining that the site is not accessible with Internet Explorer 6 or 7. For us this was easy once we saw from our analytics that under 5% of visitors to the site were using IE at all.

Have you had to make choices like this and, if so, what was your reasoning behind the decision?

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Is Internet Explorer 6/7 support actually required

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  • friend's employer is still using stock XP (with selected service packs and patches installed), and that includes IE version 6. Technically, they're not allowed to install any other browser. Madness, to be sure, but not something an end-user has any control over.

    • And about 60% of the people who make orders on our website are in the same situation. As a result the majority of our sales are still from MSIE 6. That's about $23,000 a day. As much as I lament IE 6, we still have to make sure it works with IE 6 first, everything else later.

      We'll be having an office party on July 13th....

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