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quaith writes: "Nature reports that a team led by researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration describe how a mysterious 10% drop in water vapor in the stratosphere since 2000 could have offset the expected warming due to greenhouse gases. The calculated offset is roughly 25%. The team's model also suggests that an increase in water vapor might have boosted earlier warming by about 30% in the 1980s and 1990s. This drop in atmospheric water vapor is now on the list of possible culprits causing average global temperatures to flatten out over the past decade, despite increasing greenhouse-gas emissions."
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Decreased Water Vapor Has Offset Global Warming

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  • Shocking. This could mean that the Earth's climate is a complex system for which we don't yet have scientific models capable of generating accurate predictions.

    • even more shocking that the models we've spent billions of dollars (and euros and yen) developing might be completely and utterly unsuited for justifying trillions of dollars over the next decade of "cap and trade" wealth redistribution flowing through certain world banking cartels and regulatory burden. Shocking, I tell you,, that entities such as the CRU might be driven only by the need to satisfy their funding benefactors rather than scientific accuracy, and committing such fraud as cherry-pick shrinki

  • By far the dominant greenhouse gas on Earth is water vapor, not accounted for at all in the useless models the CRU and other agenda-driven agencies have produced because it is beyond our computational abilities at present.

  • Naturally they will misinterpret this one as well, although even the authors of the research say that the climate change is man-made. At the same time, the Chinese are top in renewables. There is an item on this in Firehose just now. I hope the deniers can manage to learn chinese :-)

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