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Submission + - Want HiDef DrWho? Now its DRM only (techradar.com)

gbjbaanb writes: The BBC has been granted provisional approval to introduce copy protection for Freeview HD after they resubmitted an amended plan.

"In view of the fuller submission provided by the BBC, Ofcom is currently minded to approve its request for a multiplex licence amendment subject to consultation responses, on the basis that in principle, content management is a justified objective which ensures that the broadest range of HD content is made available to citizens and consumers," said Ofcom's statement.
However, its not too late yet — you can submit your comment and tell them you'd like to be able to record broadcast HD TV.

I'm sure the 'content providers' will continue to sell content to the BBC, ITV etc if this is not implemented. They'll still take our licence fee money (or advertising) and sell us the content, but refuse to let us record or copy it, hoping we'll go out and buy the DVD/BluRays as well.

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Want HiDef DrWho? Now its DRM only

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