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blee37 writes: From the article: "Every day, 7,000 times a day, Stanford Hospital staff turn to pneumatic tubes, cutting-edge technology in the 19th century, for a transport network that the Internet and all the latest Silicon Valley wizardry can’t match: A tubular system to transport a lab sample across the medical center in the blink of an eye."
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Stanford Hospital's Pneumatic Tube Communication

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  • Hmmm... So Ted Stevens was right in a way, at least in the eyes of the Steampunk fans...
  • "The system does occasionally falter, but it’s operative 98.8 percent of the time, Robinson said. And no cylinder has ever gotten stuck in a tube, he said."

    Not bad for 19th century technology (albeit controlled and monitored with brand-spanking-new sensor and computer tech). The intertubes run at 18 MPH - a lot faster than a guy with a cart.

    Of course, 'old' tech isn't necessarily all that uncommon - we use asphalt roads largely unchanged since the 1800's, and concrete not unlike that used by the R

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