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eldavojohn writes: The Wikimedia blog has a response from Erik Moeller, Deputy Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, to last week's story on editors leaving Wikipedia. He offers these three points that they know, "1. The number of people reading Wikipedia continues to grow. In October, we had 344 million unique visitors from around the world, according to comScore Media Metrix, up 6% from September. 2. Wikipedia is the fifth most popular web property in the world. The number of articles in Wikipedia keeps growing. There are about 14.4 million articles in Wikipedia, with thousands of new ones added every day. 3. The number of people writing Wikipedia peaked about two and a half years ago, declined slightly for a brief period, and has remained stable since then. Every month, some people stop writing, and every month, they are replaced by new people." It's also noted that it's impossible to tell whether someone has left and will never return as their account still remains there.
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Wikipedia Refutes Editor Mass Exodus Claims

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