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Submission + - 90% of 200 Students Fail Basic Algebra Problems (nydailynews.com) 3

vvaduva writes: Basic algebra involving fractions and decimals stumped a group of City University of New York freshmen — suggesting city schools aren't preparing them, a CUNY report shows. During their first math class at one of CUNY's four-year colleges, 90% of 200 students tested couldn't solve a simple algebra problem, the report by the CUNY Council of Math Chairs found. Only a third could convert a fraction into a decimal.
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90% of 200 Students Fail Basic Algebra Problems

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  • If only they had done the study with 100 instead of 200 students, they could have published their results much earlier.

    Also 90% out of a 100 students would be fewer people, I think.

    • The results would have been published faster, but having a greater sample size generally tends to give more meaningful results.

      It WOULD be fewer people. Exactly half as many.
  • I don't know if this [cuny.edu] is the test that 90% failed, but their "Elementary Algebra" question number 2 is misspelled...

    "Which of the following expressions represents the product of 3 less that twice X and 2 more than the quantity 3 times X"

    that != than

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