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gpronger writes: LHC scientist Steven Nahn comments on the article reported previously on Slashdot. Though he does not dispute the theoretical basis of the statements, it's pretty clear that at least for himself, he feels that the proposal is unlikely. Chasing info on the original article, which cites the NY Times, one of the original papers can be downloaded at with the abstract at; along with a link to download it (you'll need to register to download).

The point in the rebuttal is largely that the proposal is highly theoretical to the extent that according to Steven Nahn, the theory (by Nielsen and Ninomiya) could be applied to the "Cubbies" effect which basically states that; Nature (or should this be "God") hates the Cubs or at least doesn't want them to win the World Series, therefore their continued failure is maintained by back engineering events so as not to happen, (though I live in Chicago area I am at least smart enough to be a Sox fan thereby avoiding the wrath of God).

Now, though the Cubbies effect does seem real, if you read the article by Nahn and the article by Nielsen and Ninomiya, the later article does approach some of the theories postulated by Douglas Adams such as the Improbability Drive; not that I'm dismissing Douglas Adams, but simply that the proposal that nature is back-engineering events for the LHC to fail does come across as somewhat preposterous.

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LHC and the Higgs Boson

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