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Submission + - SPAM: NASA probe blasts 461 gigabytes of moon data daily 1

coondoggie writes: "On its current space scouting mission, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is using a pumped up communications device to deliver 461 gigabytes of data and images per day, at a rate of up to 100 Mbps. As the first high data rate K-band transmitter to fly on a NASA spacecraft, the 13-inch-long tube, called a Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier, is making it possible for NASA scientists to receive massive amounts of images and data about the moon's surface and environment. The amplifier was built by L-3 Communications Electron Technologies in conjunction with NASA's Glenn Research Center. The device uses electrodes in a vacuum tube to amplify microwave signals to high power. It's ideal for sending large amounts of data over a long distance because it provides more power and more efficiency than its alternative, the transistor amplifier, NASA stated. [spam URL stripped]"
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NASA probe blasts 461 gigabytes of moon data daily

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  • High tech devices will rule forever ... (or until they get replaced with things rendered "obsolete" )

    on a more serious note, its good to see that long range wireless communication is doable, normally SNR problems preclude such things. I wonder how long it would be before the probe stops generating new infomation -- i'm sure that it wouldn't take all that long to image the entire moon surface.

    (and wow, my first first post)

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