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Fetuses Caught Yawning In 4D 117

Rambo Tribble writes "Reuters reports 4D scans have conclusively shown that fetuses do yawn. Understandable, eh? After all, all they get is cable."
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Fetuses Caught Yawning In 4D

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  • by Austerity Empowers ( 669817 ) on Friday November 23, 2012 @12:19AM (#42070943)

    So you may not be in the pro-life camp, but I can assure you are no where near the pro-choice camp at all.

    Yes. Honestly I don't care about abortion as an issue at all. I consider it a wasteful but necessary solution to human failings. If it were made illegal tomorrow I wouldn't start a protest, I'd hope a funding model was established that didn't involve ME.

    On one hand, this is something the anti-Obama/anti-tax/"fiduciary responsibility" folks should have in mind (and why I can't bring myself to vote with them):
    - Aborting unwanted children means less children on welfare and medicaid
    - Aborting children with detectable birth defects means less children with expensive medical problems on the dole, and less money to spend on special-ed, etc. (I have such a sibling, I can speak to his medical bills and to how effectively his tea-party governor has cut him off in recent years)
    - Government enforced abortion of children of parents who are already on some form of welfare or assistance is a solution to a problem that Fox news trolls on about for hours whenever "soshulism" comes up

    On the other hand, whenever I hear a pro-choicer rant on:
    - If you can't support a child, do not have sex. You fucking idiot. I don't want to hear from a grown adult that not having sex is somehow "too much to ask", we are not dogs, we can control ourselves, if you cannot you need to be locked up.
    - If you choose to have sex anyway, and do not want a child, use contraception. You twit. If you still get pregnant, a) legally the father should get hooked in and b) as an adult who is allowed to roam free and participate in society, you have to accept the consequences of your actions. If you cannot accept responsibility for your actions, you need to be locked up, I don't even want to drive on the same road as you.
    - At some point killing a child who is out of the womb and breathing stops being abortion, and starts being legal murder. I'm not sure I can be outraged on this, as I have what some might describe as a "sociopathic" viewpoint of right and wrong. I don't think life is magic and I don't think murder is necessarily wrong. I believe in an unwritten contract that we signed on birth, that says we choose to obey laws and police laws to promote the smooth functioning of a society that is undeniably in our best interests. We agree to follow these laws, or be locked up, or to be killed, or to be sent far away and left for dead (this last option isn't possible anymore). Killing your own children (born or unborn) seems to be a self contained concern, so the question is to what degree we would allow it before it becomes a social problem?

    Call me cold and heartless if you wish, I'm probably not on an individual basis, but when it comes to running a society the cute cuddly things we all tell each other starts to cost real money and we have to make calculated decisions. I don't approve of abortion at all, but I think it is in our collective best interests for it to be legal.

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