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China Space Science

China Completes First Space Docking Test 106

MrSeb writes "China has joined two space vehicles together in orbit for the first time. The unmanned Shenzhou 8 craft, launched earlier this week, made contact with the Tiangong-1 space lab at 1729 GMT. The union occurred over China itself. Being able to dock two space vehicles together is a necessary capability for China if it wants to start building a space station towards the end of the decade."
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China Completes First Space Docking Test

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 03, 2011 @02:15PM (#37938110)

    To be honest with you guys, the U.S. won't be able to seriously compete with China in the next-gen space race, at least not with the current generation of engineers and manufacturing capacity. Many senior professors in my University expressed this concern long time ago: the smartest American kids are not into STEM anymore, they just following the trashy reality shows and wanna get some quick money without hard working. NASA is in great trouble recruiting new scients/engineers who know how to operate the old stuff built by the last (and better) generation of American scientists/engineers, let along finding someone who can actually come up with something new. The big tech companies are in a better position than NASA b/c companies can hire non-U.S. workers while NASA, for obvious reasons, can only hire Americans. And even if the few real fine young American scientists can still design something cool, it is very dubious that 10 years from now the U.S. will be able to implement/manufacture that piece of very complicated thing which requires a whole solid manufacturing base.

    So yeah, the future is pretty pessimistic, you won't see another round of space race because you can't expect a country full of wall street elites, lawyers, reality show stars but no real scientists, engineers, and even quality manufacturing workers to put another man to the Mars ---- that generation has long GONE.

    P.S.: I was born and raised in China but I've been living in America for more than a decade, I wrote the above not because I hate America, quite the opposite, I love America and I am so sorry to see such a great country slowly but inevitably spiral into irrelevance.

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