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Thursday January 29, 2015 @10:20PM LibreOffice Gets a Streamlined Makeover With 4.4 Release
Thursday January 30, 2014 @12:54PM LibreOffice 4.2 Busts Out GPU Mantle Support and Corporate IT Integration
Sunday October 20, 2013 @07:24PM Forrester Research Shows Steep Decline in Free Office Suite Stats
Thursday September 05, 2013 @07:44PM SUSE's LibreOffice Core Team Moves To Collabora
Thursday August 22, 2013 @09:44AM Valencia Region Government Completes Switch To LibreOffice
Thursday July 04, 2013 @04:48AM LibreOffice Calc Set To Get GPU Powered Boost From AMD
Thursday February 07, 2013 @11:35AM LibreOffice 4 Released
Thursday October 18, 2012 @11:04AM OpenOffice Is Now, Officially, Apache OpenOffice
Friday April 20, 2012 @02:54AM 12 Ways LibreOffice Writer Tops MS Word
Thursday March 29, 2012 @07:34AM Munich Has Saved €4M So Far After Switch To Linux
Saturday March 03, 2012 @07:42AM Now in English: VALO-CD Open Source Software Collection
Monday February 27, 2012 @02:36AM Intel Joins LibreOffice
Wednesday February 15, 2012 @12:50AM LibreOffice 3.5 Released
Friday October 14, 2011 @09:00PM LibreOffice Going Online and Mobile
Wednesday August 24, 2011 @08:07AM 25,000 Danish Hospital Staff Moving To LibreOffice
Friday July 15, 2011 @07:36AM IBM Donates Symphony Code To Apache Software Foundation
Friday June 17, 2011 @08:53PM History of Software Forks Favors LibreOffice
Friday June 03, 2011 @06:38PM The Future of
Thursday June 02, 2011 @01:58PM Oracle To Give To Apache Incubator
Wednesday April 20, 2011 @05:40AM Don't Expect an OpenOffice/LibreOffice Merger
Friday February 18, 2011 @02:22PM The Document Foundation Launches €50K Challenge, Legal Entity Quest
Tuesday January 25, 2011 @09:01AM LibreOffice 3.3 Released Today
Monday November 15, 2010 @01:04PM Where Do I Go Now That Oracle Owns
Monday November 01, 2010 @09:12PM 33 Developers Leave
Thursday October 14, 2010 @03:07PM Microsoft Admits Is a Contender
Tuesday September 28, 2010 @02:10PM Declares Independence From Oracle, Becomes LibreOffice

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