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Thursday August 21, 2014 @06:29AM Researchers Find Security Flaws In Backscatter X-ray Scanners
Friday May 31, 2013 @06:20PM TSA Finishes Removing "Virtual Nude" X-Ray Devices From US Airports
Wednesday September 26, 2012 @12:25PM 300 Million Year Old Insects Pictured In 3D
Monday January 30, 2012 @10:19AM Maine Senator Wants Independent Study of TSA's Body Scanners
Wednesday November 16, 2011 @04:18PM TSA Puts Off Safety Study of X-ray Body Scanners
Thursday September 01, 2011 @02:58PM EPIC Uncovers: Mobile Scanners Not 'Certified People Scanners'
Thursday March 03, 2011 @02:44PM DHS Eyes Covert Body Scans
Thursday February 10, 2011 @11:20AM First-of-its-Kind Hard X-ray Free-Electron Laser Images Intact Viruses
Wednesday November 24, 2010 @08:37AM Porno-activist ordered to wear clothes by TSA
Friday November 19, 2010 @05:08PM Bruce Schneier vs. the TSA
Saturday August 28, 2010 @11:15AM Full-Body Scanners Deployed In Street-Roving Vans
Sunday August 08, 2010 @02:12PM Highly Directional Terahertz Laser Demonstrated
Wednesday July 21, 2010 @01:59PM Man Caught Smuggling 18 Monkeys In Girdle
Friday July 16, 2010 @05:06PM X-Ray Burst Temporarily Blinds NASA Satellite
Thursday July 08, 2010 @11:55AM Doctor Invents 'Zero Gravity' Radiation Suit
Tuesday June 22, 2010 @07:22PM X-Ray Noise From Comets Leads To Space Weather Signal
Wednesday June 16, 2010 @12:43PM X-ray Pin-Up Calendar
Wednesday May 19, 2010 @11:17AM Scientists Question Safety of New Airport Scanners
Saturday March 13, 2010 @03:39PM Fastest (and Most Compact) Stellar Spinner Confirmed
Wednesday November 11, 2009 @01:05PM Heart of the Milky Way Photos From NASA

Every nonzero finite dimensional inner product space has an orthonormal basis. It makes sense, when you don't think about it.


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