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Monday February 02, 2015 @01:53PM DEA Planned To Monitor Cars Parked At Gun Shows Using License Plate Readers
Sunday January 18, 2015 @12:57AM Feds Operated Yet Another Secret Metadata Database Until 2013
Friday January 02, 2015 @12:19PM New App Detects Government Stingray Cell Phone Trackers
Monday November 03, 2014 @09:26AM Australian Courts Will Be Able To See Your Browsing History
Sunday February 23, 2014 @10:28AM Most Alarming: IETF Draft Proposes "Trusted Proxy" In HTTP/2.0
Sunday August 25, 2013 @10:36AM NSA Cracked Into Encrypted UN Video Conferences
Thursday July 18, 2013 @03:23PM NSA Admits Searching "3 Hops" From Suspects
Thursday July 18, 2013 @08:01AM "Smart Plates" Could Betray California Drivers' Privacy
Thursday July 18, 2013 @06:59AM ACLU Study Says Police Cameras Create Database of Our Movements
Tuesday July 16, 2013 @12:41PM NSA Spying Hurts California's Business
Friday July 12, 2013 @07:08PM Microsoft's Cooperation With NSA Either Voluntary, Or Reveals New Legal Tactic
Thursday July 11, 2013 @03:41PM MS Handed NSA Access To Encrypted Chat & Email
Thursday July 11, 2013 @08:14AM BlackBerry Helps Indian Gov't Spy On Users' Messages
Tuesday July 09, 2013 @06:57AM US Spies Have "Security Agreements" With Foreign Telecoms
Wednesday July 03, 2013 @12:57PM USPS Logs All Snail Mail For Law Enforcement
Tuesday July 02, 2013 @11:22AM WA Post Publishes 4 More Slides On Data Collection From Google, Et Al
Tuesday July 02, 2013 @11:13AM Number of Federal Wiretaps Rose 71 Percent In 2012
Friday June 21, 2013 @09:26PM Report: Not Just For Tabloids; UK Privacy-Invading Hackers Widespread
Wednesday May 08, 2013 @06:05PM Did the Queen Just Resurrect the Snooper's Charter?
Thursday April 11, 2013 @10:01AM RapLeaf Is Back and Bad As Ever
Friday March 22, 2013 @08:41PM US Gov't To Scan More Civilian Infrastructure Traffic
Tuesday December 11, 2012 @10:01AM UK Government To Revise Snooping Bill
Saturday October 06, 2012 @12:23PM Kim Dotcom Apparently Spied On For Longer Than Admitted
Thursday September 06, 2012 @08:50AM Jimmy Wales Threatens To Obstruct UK Government Snooping
Thursday May 24, 2012 @05:12PM FBI Quietly Forms Secretive Net-Surveillance Unit
Thursday March 22, 2012 @07:23AM NSA Chief Denies Claims of Domestic Spying
Friday February 24, 2012 @05:45PM Facebook Has 25 People Dedicated To Handling Gov't Info Requests
Tuesday January 11, 2011 @07:49PM Tunisian Gov't Spies On Facebook; Does the US?
Friday November 12, 2010 @12:29AM Aussie Gov't Says Wiretap Laws Fine, Telcos 'Wrong'
Tuesday November 09, 2010 @01:15PM US Wants Upper Hand In Battling High-Tech Bad Guys
Tuesday October 12, 2010 @05:05PM Canon Blocks Copy Jobs Using Banned Keywords
Friday October 08, 2010 @05:22PM College Student Finds GPS On Car, FBI Retrieves It
Thursday September 30, 2010 @09:56PM "Pre-Crime" Comes To the HR Dept.
Thursday September 02, 2010 @02:07PM UN Telecom Chief Urges Blackberry Data Sharing
Thursday July 08, 2010 @07:42PM Microsoft Opens Source Code To KGB's Successor Agency
Friday June 18, 2010 @08:31PM Italian MEP Wants To Eliminate Anonymity On the Internet
Wednesday June 16, 2010 @07:56PM Inside Australia's Data Retention Proposal
Friday June 11, 2010 @08:08AM Australian Gov't Seeks To Record Citizens' Web Histories
Wednesday March 10, 2010 @06:47PM Former TSA Analyst Charged With Computer Tampering

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