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Tuesday April 14, 2015 @11:49AM Cornell Study: For STEM Tenure Track, Women Twice As Likely To Be Hired As Men
Thursday April 09, 2015 @08:09AM Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Bans Salary Negotiations To Equalize Pay For Men, Women
Saturday March 28, 2015 @02:03PM Ellen Pao Loses Silicon Valley Gender Bias Case Against Kleiner Perkins
Tuesday March 24, 2015 @11:23AM A Bechdel Test For Programmers?
Tuesday February 24, 2015 @10:34AM Google Knocks Explicit Adult Content On Blogger From Public View
Thursday February 12, 2015 @09:57AM WA Pushes Back On Microsoft and's Call For Girls-First CS Education
Sunday January 25, 2015 @05:23PM Anonymous Asks Activists To Fight Pedophiles In 'Operation Deatheaters'
Thursday January 22, 2015 @09:29AM Gender and Tenure Diversity In GitHub Teams Relate To Higher Productivity
Sunday January 18, 2015 @10:49PM Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others
Saturday January 17, 2015 @07:03PM Lies, Damn Lies, and Tech Diversity Statistics
Saturday January 17, 2015 @10:24AM Linus On Diversity and Niceness In Open Source
Sunday December 28, 2014 @05:51PM School Defied Google and US Government, Let Boys Program White House Xmas Trees
Thursday December 11, 2014 @02:13PM MIT Removes Online Physics Lectures and Courses By Walter Lewin
Saturday November 29, 2014 @10:07AM In UK Study, Girls Best Boys At Making Computer Games
Monday November 03, 2014 @04:10AM Amazon Releases (Not Many) Details On Its Workforce Demographics
Monday October 20, 2014 @04:01PM NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew
Tuesday October 07, 2014 @08:11AM Blame Tech Diversity On Culture, Not Pipeline
Thursday October 02, 2014 @12:36PM Could Maroney Be Prosecuted For Her Own Hacked Pictures?
Thursday August 28, 2014 @06:00PM Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia
Sunday August 24, 2014 @01:12PM ACM Blames the PC For Driving Women Away From Computer Science
Wednesday August 13, 2014 @01:05PM Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White
Saturday July 12, 2014 @06:15PM For the First Time, Harvey Mudd Graduates More Women Than Men
Thursday July 10, 2014 @08:16AM Wireless Contraception
Sunday June 29, 2014 @10:12PM Google: CS Global Impact Awards Make Teachers, Boys Beholden To Girls
Friday June 13, 2014 @06:12PM The Profoundly Weird, Gender-Specific Roots of the Turing Test
Sunday June 01, 2014 @05:47PM Study Finds Porn Exposure Associated With Smaller Brain Region
Saturday May 31, 2014 @12:38PM HR Chief: Google Sexual, Racial Diversity "Not Where We Want to Be"
Thursday May 15, 2014 @02:20PM You've Got Male: Amazon's Growth Impacting Seattle Dating Scene
Tuesday March 04, 2014 @09:43AM All Else Being Equal: Disputing Claims of a Gender Pay Gap In Tech
Sunday February 23, 2014 @02:00AM Delayed Fatherhood May Be Linked To Certain Congenital and Mental Disorders
Thursday February 20, 2014 @09:29AM E-Sports Gender Gap: 90+% Male
Thursday January 30, 2014 @01:54PM Red Team, Blue Team: the Only Woman On the Team
Thursday December 19, 2013 @09:28AM UK ISP Adult Filters Block Sex Education Websites Allows Access To Porn
Friday November 29, 2013 @07:21PM More Money For CS Instructors Who Teach More Girls
Wednesday November 27, 2013 @10:13PM Female Software Engineers May Be Even Scarcer Than We Thought
Thursday August 22, 2013 @10:06AM Bradley Manning Wants To Live As a Woman
Thursday August 08, 2013 @06:03PM Soldiers Looking For Hookups On Craigslist Are Being Warned of a Military Sting
Tuesday July 23, 2013 @09:05AM X Chromosome May Leave a Mark On Male Fertility
Thursday June 27, 2013 @03:31PM Kick-started Remake of Leisure Suit Larry Now On Sale
Wednesday June 26, 2013 @10:35AM Supreme Court Overturns Defense of Marriage Act
Friday June 21, 2013 @07:56PM Research Reveals Low Exposure of Excellent Work By Female Scientists
Tuesday June 11, 2013 @09:07AM Reversible Male Contraception With Gold Nanorods
Thursday April 18, 2013 @12:28PM In Iceland, Tap Cellphones To Avoid Incest
Friday January 04, 2013 @07:00PM Why Girls Do Better At School
Sunday October 07, 2012 @01:48PM DNA Analysis Probes the End of Human-Neanderthal Sex
Friday September 28, 2012 @08:46PM Sexism In Science
Tuesday September 25, 2012 @08:33AM Canadian Minister Mined Data To Target Email To Gay Voters
Tuesday September 18, 2012 @03:07AM The Perils of Developers Hooking Up
Saturday September 01, 2012 @02:23PM Promiscuity Alters DNA and Boosts Immunity In Mice
Friday August 24, 2012 @06:13PM Iran Universities To Ban Women From 77 Fields of Study
Tuesday August 21, 2012 @08:32AM Birth Control For Men Edges Closer
Sunday August 12, 2012 @06:00PM Is Sexual Harassment Part of Hacker Culture?
Tuesday August 07, 2012 @09:03AM The Tricky Science of Olympic Gender Testing
Thursday July 26, 2012 @02:36PM Ask Slashdot: Preempting Sexual Harassment In the Workplace?
Thursday July 26, 2012 @08:39AM US Army Developing Armor Tailored For Females
Friday July 20, 2012 @08:06PM Australian Sex Party May Sue Google Over Ad Refusal
Sunday July 08, 2012 @03:07PM Google Launches International Campaign For Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage
Saturday June 23, 2012 @03:08PM Sexy Female Scientist Video Draws Fire
Wednesday June 20, 2012 @08:03AM Women's Enrollment In Computer Science Correlates Negatively With Net Access
Tuesday June 19, 2012 @07:23PM Swedish Sex App Lets You "Test Sex" with Fantasy Characters and Facebook Friends
Sunday June 17, 2012 @03:38AM Liu Yang Becomes China's First Female Astronaut
Thursday May 31, 2012 @10:10AM Another Afghan School Poisoned — 160 Girls Hospitalized
Thursday April 12, 2012 @02:09PM Etsy Hacker Grants Support Female Programmers
Thursday April 05, 2012 @10:40AM EA Defends Itself Against Thousands of Anti-Gay Letters
Friday March 02, 2012 @07:06PM Scannable Condoms Allow Users to 'Check-In' During Safe Sex
Sunday February 26, 2012 @07:53PM Stem Cells That May Make Eggs Found In Women
Sunday February 26, 2012 @12:31PM Dharun Ravi Trial: Hate Crime Or Stupidity?
Thursday February 23, 2012 @08:57AM Biologists Debunk the "Rotting Y Chromosome" Theory
Thursday February 09, 2012 @09:41AM Study: Online Dating Makes People "Picky" and "Unrealistic"
Tuesday February 07, 2012 @09:13AM No Pardon For Turing
Thursday February 02, 2012 @10:20AM Android Users Most Likely to Get Laid on First Dat
Thursday January 05, 2012 @06:38PM Mouse Sperm Cells Grown In Vitro
Monday January 02, 2012 @11:51PM Facebook a Factor in a Third of UK Divorces
Tuesday December 13, 2011 @12:58PM New Study Concludes Math Gender Gap Is Cultural, Not Biological
Tuesday November 29, 2011 @10:01AM Study Hints That Wi-Fi Near Testes Could Decrease Male Fertility
Tuesday October 25, 2011 @01:02PM HPV Vaccine Recommended For Boys
Sunday October 23, 2011 @12:52PM Why Computer Voices Are Mostly Female
Thursday September 22, 2011 @08:45AM Deep-Sea Squid Mate and Run
Thursday September 01, 2011 @03:32PM German Prostitutes Must Feed Meter To Walk Street
Saturday August 27, 2011 @02:47PM Neanderthal Sex Boosted Immunity In Modern Humans
Thursday August 25, 2011 @01:13AM Why Nobody Wants You On OKCupid
Thursday August 11, 2011 @01:27PM Can Analytics Help Fix Your Love Life?
Friday August 05, 2011 @07:32PM Internet Eats Into Time-Warner Cable Porn Profits
Thursday July 28, 2011 @06:44PM Linguists Out Men Impersonating Women On Twitter
Friday June 24, 2011 @03:31PM Former University Head Charged With Running Prostitution Ring
Thursday June 23, 2011 @05:07PM Former university head jailed in prostitution case
Thursday June 23, 2011 @03:10PM Import your girlfriend for ¥200
Monday June 20, 2011 @06:36PM Infertile Daughter To Receive Uterus From Mother
Thursday June 16, 2011 @06:28PM Women Remain The Ignored Audience In Gaming
Thursday June 09, 2011 @02:23PM What Cybercrime Stats Have In Common With Sexual Braggadocio
Monday May 30, 2011 @07:20PM What Internet Searches Reveal About Human Desire
Friday May 27, 2011 @09:12PM Philosophizing with a Sexbot
Saturday May 14, 2011 @11:00PM Amazon Removes Yaoi Manga Titles From Kindle Store
Friday May 13, 2011 @08:51PM Disorderly Conduct Charge for Offensive Classmate Ratings
Tuesday April 26, 2011 @05:57PM Semengate Strikes the American College of Surgeons
Wednesday April 20, 2011 @02:39PM New Beer Made With Viagra
Monday April 18, 2011 @04:05AM Are 625 Pixels Enough To Identify Sex?
Friday April 08, 2011 @11:42PM Merck's Drug Propecia Linked To Sexual Dysfunction
Friday April 08, 2011 @06:34PM Sex After a Field Trip Yields Scientific Discovery
Saturday March 26, 2011 @07:19AM India To Ban .xxx Domain
Saturday March 19, 2011 @06:41PM Apple's App Store Accepts 'Gay Cure' App
Friday March 18, 2011 @06:32PM ICANN Approves .XXX
Friday March 11, 2011 @07:38PM Brazilian Spider Bite May Become the Next Viagra
Friday March 11, 2011 @04:31AM Why Men Don't Have Sensory Whiskers and Spiny Genitals
Tuesday March 08, 2011 @10:36AM Why Do Videogames Struggle With Sex?
Sunday February 13, 2011 @11:20PM Infertility Could Impede Human Space Colonization
Sunday February 13, 2011 @11:15PM Saudi Students In US Seek Segregation By Gender On Facebook
Friday February 11, 2011 @08:54PM Museum Hosts Animal Sex Exhibit For Valentine's Day
Tuesday January 25, 2011 @05:14PM Elephant's Durian Dung Considered an Aphrodisiac
Thursday January 20, 2011 @02:42PM The new Viagra: fruit crapped out by elephant
Monday January 17, 2011 @01:34AM Dating Site Creates Profiles From Public Records
Friday January 14, 2011 @08:26AM Scientist Says NASA Must Study Space Sex
Wednesday January 12, 2011 @03:01PM Officials Order Employees to Declare Office Romances In Writing
Tuesday January 04, 2011 @09:00PM Positive Correlation Between Monogamy and Alcohol
Monday January 03, 2011 @02:52AM Microsoft Patents Looks-Are-Everything Dating
Tuesday December 21, 2010 @07:58PM Woman Sues Google Over Street View Shots of Her Underwear
Sunday December 19, 2010 @07:00PM Senate Repeals 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Sunday December 19, 2010 @10:48AM UK Gov't Wants To Block Internet Porn By Default
Wednesday December 15, 2010 @01:23AM Amazon Taking Down Erotica, Removing From Kindles
Sunday December 05, 2010 @07:01PM Gentlemen Prefer Androids, Ladies iOS
Thursday November 25, 2010 @09:40AM Scientists Attach Bar Codes To Embryos
Thursday November 11, 2010 @02:12PM Lizard Previously Unknown To Science Found On Vietnam Menu
Thursday November 11, 2010 @05:09AM Sex Drugs and Texting
Tuesday November 09, 2010 @07:47PM Texting and your sex life
Tuesday November 09, 2010 @05:05PM Is Your Laptop Cooking Your Testicles?
Thursday November 04, 2010 @02:13PM Immaculate Conception In a Boa Constrictor
Thursday November 04, 2010 @01:03PM Facebook Knows When You'll Get Dumped
Tuesday October 26, 2010 @02:47PM Spanish Prostitutes Wear Reflective Vests To Avoid Fines
Friday October 22, 2010 @06:34PM Facebook Ads Could 'Out' Gay Users
Monday September 27, 2010 @01:49AM JPL Scientists Take NASA To the Supreme Court
Friday September 24, 2010 @06:24PM AMD Offers Women Geek Dating Advice
Tuesday August 31, 2010 @06:54PM Zurich Officials Propose Adding "Sex Boxes" to City
Tuesday August 31, 2010 @06:26PM Resort Attracts Men With Virtual Girlfriends
Friday August 06, 2010 @05:22PM HP CEO Resigns During Sexual Harassment Investigation
Saturday July 24, 2010 @01:17AM Australian Enterprises Block Sex Party's Political Site
Wednesday July 14, 2010 @01:48PM FTC Warns Site Not To Sell Personal Data
Wednesday June 30, 2010 @01:04PM Regular Domains Have More Malware Than Porn Sites
Thursday June 24, 2010 @08:49PM ICANN Likely Finally To Approve .xxx For Porn Sites
Thursday June 17, 2010 @01:24PM California Tracks Parolees With GPS, Then Ignores Alerts
Monday June 07, 2010 @05:12PM Inventor Sues Because His Invention Is Being Used As a Sex Toy
Thursday June 03, 2010 @01:45AM Chinese School Turns Wimps Into Men
Wednesday May 19, 2010 @02:54PM World's Oldest Sex Toy Was a Real Fire Starter
Saturday May 15, 2010 @11:45AM Avatars Used For Australian Online Sex Appeal Study
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @12:57AM NYC OB/GYN Sells Sex Toys
Thursday April 08, 2010 @03:22PM Wisconsin DA Threatens Arrests Over Sex Ed
Tuesday March 30, 2010 @09:18PM Gonorrhea As the Next Superbug
Friday March 19, 2010 @06:22PM Scientists Use Sex-Crazed Bugs As Pesticide
Friday March 12, 2010 @08:03AM Half-Male, Half-Female Fowl Explain Birds' Sex Determination
Sunday March 07, 2010 @04:21PM Xbox Live Now Allows Gender Expression
Saturday March 06, 2010 @12:30AM Australia Bans Small Breasts In Adult Films
Saturday January 09, 2010 @10:38PM Futuristic Sex Robots Now Just "Sex Robots"
Tuesday January 05, 2010 @09:53AM New Research Suggests G-Spot Doesn't Exist
Monday April 09, 2007 @05:16AM Satellites Mating Via Robotic Arm
Friday February 09, 2007 @09:35PM Breakdown Forces New Look At Mars Mission Sexuality
Thursday May 18, 2006 @02:13PM Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle

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