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Thursday July 02, 2015 @08:21AM Quebec Government May Force ISPs To Block Gambling Websites
Saturday June 27, 2015 @12:06PM 79% of Airbnb Listings In Barcelona Are Illegal
Sunday May 31, 2015 @12:05AM How Elon Musk's Growing Empire is Fueled By Government Subsidies
Wednesday May 06, 2015 @11:38AM Uber Forced Out of Kansas
Monday May 04, 2015 @07:43AM Uber Office Raided By Police In China, Accused of Running 'Illegal' Car Business
Saturday May 02, 2015 @05:29PM Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic
Thursday April 23, 2015 @08:28AM The Great Canadian Copyright Giveaway: Copyright Extension For Sound Recordings
Tuesday April 21, 2015 @11:35AM Copyright For Sale: What the Sony Docs Say About MPAA Buying Political Influence
Saturday April 04, 2015 @05:31PM W. Virginia Bans Direct Tesla Sales, With Urging of Car-Dealer Senate President
Thursday April 02, 2015 @10:13AM EU's Unitary Software Patent Challenged At the Belgian Constitutional Court
Tuesday March 31, 2015 @10:48AM EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking
Friday March 20, 2015 @06:50PM Taxi Companies Sue Uber For False Advertising On Safety
Wednesday March 18, 2015 @04:57PM New Jersey Removes Legal Impediment To Direct Tesla Sales
Tuesday March 10, 2015 @01:52AM Microsoft Asks US Court To Ban Kyocera's Android Phones
Tuesday March 03, 2015 @02:02PM Deutsche Telecom Calls For Google and Facebook To Be Regulated Like Telcos
Saturday February 28, 2015 @02:05AM Uber Offers Free Rides To Koreans, Hopes They Won't Report Illegal Drivers
Friday February 20, 2015 @07:37PM Unearthing Fraud In Medical Trials
Thursday February 19, 2015 @12:42PM Oregon Residents Riled Over Virtually Staff-free Data Centers Getting Tax-breaks
Thursday February 19, 2015 @10:02AM Patent Troll Wins $15.7M From Samsung By Claiming To Own Bluetooth
Thursday January 22, 2015 @11:05AM Blackberry CEO: Net Neutrality Means Mandating Cross-Platform Apps
Sunday January 11, 2015 @06:04PM Tesla vs. Car Dealers: the Lobbyist Went Down To Georgia
Friday January 09, 2015 @09:22AM Over 30 Uber Cars Impounded In Cape Town
Thursday December 18, 2014 @09:54AM Who's To Blame For Rules That Block Tesla Sales In Most US States?
Sunday December 14, 2014 @04:24PM Spanish Media Group Wants Gov't Help To Keep Google News In Spain
Sunday December 14, 2014 @03:55PM French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber
Tuesday December 09, 2014 @02:03PM Court Orders Uber To Shut Down In Spain
Tuesday December 09, 2014 @09:25AM Tesla Wants Texas Auto Sales Regulations Loosened
Thursday December 04, 2014 @01:24PM A Backhanded Defense of Las Vegas' Taxi Regulation
Tuesday November 04, 2014 @09:32AM Silicon Valley Swings To Republicans
Monday October 27, 2014 @01:12PM Steve Ballmer Gets Billion-Dollar Tax Write-Off For Being Basketball Baron
Wednesday October 22, 2014 @10:30PM Michigan Latest State To Ban Direct Tesla Sales
Monday October 20, 2014 @10:04AM How Lobby Groups Rejected the Canadian Government's Plan To Combat Patent Trolls
Thursday October 16, 2014 @06:17PM Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales
Friday October 03, 2014 @06:34PM Conservative Groups Accuse FCC of Helping Net Neutrality Advocates File Comments
Tuesday September 16, 2014 @10:34AM Quickflix Wants Netflix To Drop Australian VPN Users
Tuesday September 16, 2014 @09:23AM California Declares Carpooling Via Ride-Share Services Illegal
Tuesday September 16, 2014 @07:54AM AT&T Proposes Net Neutrality Compromise
Friday September 12, 2014 @01:11AM Hewlett-Packard Pleads Guilty To Bribing Officials in Russia, Poland, and Mexico
Tuesday August 19, 2014 @09:04AM Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo
Sunday August 10, 2014 @10:21AM Floridian (and Southern) Governmental Regulations Are Unfriendly To Solar Power
Saturday August 09, 2014 @09:45AM NFL Fights To Save TV Blackout Rule Despite $9 Billion Revenue
Monday August 04, 2014 @01:23PM Spain's Link Tax Taxes Journalist's Patience
Friday August 01, 2014 @09:49PM Driverless Buses Ruled Out For London, For Now
Monday July 14, 2014 @05:59PM Lyft's New York Launch Halted By Restraining Order
Sunday July 13, 2014 @12:04AM The Least They Could Do: Amazon Charges 1 Cent To Meet French Free Shipping Ban
Saturday June 14, 2014 @11:28AM California Regulators Tell Ride-Shares No Airport Runs
Friday June 13, 2014 @06:08PM The FCC Can't Help Cities Trapped By Predatory Internet Deals With Big Telecom
Thursday June 12, 2014 @08:33AM Cable Companies Duped Community Groups Into Fighting Net Neutrality
Thursday June 12, 2014 @08:08AM Uber Demonstrations Snarl Traffic In London, Madrid, Berlin
Sunday May 25, 2014 @10:24AM After Knocked-Down Damages Claim, Apple Again Seeks to Ban Some Samsung Phones
Thursday April 24, 2014 @12:15PM DC Revolving Door: Ex-FCC Commissioner Is Now Head CTIA Lobbyist
Tuesday March 11, 2014 @07:20PM New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla
Sunday March 09, 2014 @01:04PM Google Faces Up To $5 Billion Fine From Competition Commission of India
Thursday February 27, 2014 @09:17AM Visual Effects Artists Use MPAA's Own Words Against It
Tuesday May 14, 2013 @10:09AM N. Carolina May Ban Tesla Sales To Prevent "Unfair Competition"
Thursday April 18, 2013 @01:39PM CISPA Passes US House, Despite Privacy Shortcomings and Promised Veto
Tuesday April 09, 2013 @11:05AM Competitors Complain To EC That Free Android Is a 'Trojan Horse'
Tuesday January 15, 2013 @09:19AM Warner Bros Secures Commercial Control of Superman
Tuesday January 08, 2013 @11:57AM AIG Contemplates Joining Stockholder Suit Against US Gov't
Thursday January 03, 2013 @09:52AM Microsoft Says Google Trying To Undermine Windows Phone
Thursday December 27, 2012 @01:01PM Samsung Retaliates Against Ericsson With Patent Complaint
Monday December 17, 2012 @02:27AM Music Industry Suits Could Bankrupt Pirate Party Members
Tuesday December 04, 2012 @09:06AM Ericsson Seeks US Import Ban On Samsung Products
Sunday November 18, 2012 @07:53PM Coffee and Intellectual Property
Friday October 26, 2012 @06:39PM Cringley: H-1B Visa Abuse Limits Wages and Steals US Jobs
Thursday October 25, 2012 @05:45PM What an Anti-Google Antitrust Case By the FTC May Look Like
Sunday October 21, 2012 @06:10PM Pols Blur Line Between Data Mining, Cyberstalking
Thursday October 18, 2012 @12:44AM Uber Gives Up On New York Taxi Service
Sunday September 09, 2012 @08:26AM NYC Taxi Commission Nixes Cab-Hailing Apps
Sunday September 02, 2012 @07:58PM The Danger In Exempting Wireless From Net Neutrality
Tuesday August 28, 2012 @08:50AM Apple Seeks To Block 8 Samsung Products After Court Win
Monday August 27, 2012 @01:00PM Would You Pay an Internet Broadband Tax?
Friday August 24, 2012 @11:04AM Radio Royalty Legislation Described As 'RIAA Bailout'
Saturday August 18, 2012 @02:47AM Google Seeks US Ban On iPhones, iPads, Macs
Thursday June 21, 2012 @05:12PM RIAA Goes After CNET For Media-Conversion Software
Sunday January 29, 2012 @08:51AM Copyright Industry Calls For Broad Search Engine Controls
Friday January 06, 2012 @04:20PM Canadian Gov't Considers Plan To Block Public Domain
Sunday December 18, 2011 @02:37PM SOPA Creator In TV/Film/Music Industry's Pocket
Sunday October 23, 2011 @11:50PM Solar Panel Trade War Heats Up
Thursday October 20, 2011 @08:55AM SMH Outs Copyright-Violation Hunters As Porn-Pushing Brothers
Friday October 14, 2011 @08:44PM Teacher Union Tries To Block Online Courses
Thursday October 13, 2011 @08:31AM Apple Wins Australian Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab
Thursday October 06, 2011 @08:45AM Samsung Seeking Ban of iPhone 4S in Europe
Monday October 03, 2011 @11:15PM Patent Troll Says Anyone Using Wi-Fi Infringes
Tuesday September 20, 2011 @07:59AM Samsung Plans To Block the iPhone 5 In Korea
Tuesday September 13, 2011 @09:52AM Two Rambus Patents Invalidated By USPTO
Monday August 01, 2011 @07:46PM Apple Blocks Sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 In Australia
Saturday July 23, 2011 @02:30PM When Patents Attack — the NPR Version
Monday July 18, 2011 @02:50PM ISP Refuses To Block the Pirate Bay
Saturday July 16, 2011 @11:00AM HTC Infringed Apple Patents, Says ITC's Initial Determination
Monday July 11, 2011 @09:44PM Apple Wants To Block Some HTC Products From US Under Tariff Act of 1930
Monday July 11, 2011 @10:32AM DisplayPort-To-HDMI Cables May Be Recalled Over Licensing
Thursday July 07, 2011 @01:01PM EU Proposal: Shift Farming Subsidies To Science
Wednesday July 06, 2011 @08:59PM Someone Random Trademarked "bitcoin" : Now we can'
Friday July 01, 2011 @07:41PM RightHaven Lawyer Says Browser Ate His Homework
Thursday June 30, 2011 @03:21PM Lawsuit Claims LegalZoom Is Practicing Law Without a License
Thursday June 30, 2011 @02:13PM Samsung Tries To Ban Import of iDevices To US
Monday June 20, 2011 @06:19PM Best Buy Flexes Legal Muscles Over "Geek"
Saturday June 18, 2011 @01:19AM Huawei Calls Charge of Unfair Government Help 'Hogwash'
Thursday May 26, 2011 @01:19PM Finnish Record Labels Want To Block Pirate Bay
Saturday May 14, 2011 @09:34AM Canadian Music Industry Seeks Copy Tax On Memory Cards
Saturday April 16, 2011 @10:01PM Jesse Jackson, Jr. Pins US Job Losses On iPad
Monday April 04, 2011 @10:51AM RIAA/MPAA: the Greatest Threat To Tech Innovation
Thursday March 31, 2011 @01:38PM Amazon's Cloud Player: We Don't Need a License
Tuesday March 22, 2011 @07:12PM Federal Judge Rejects Google Books Deal
Tuesday March 22, 2011 @10:16AM USPTO Gives Google Patent For Doodles
Saturday March 05, 2011 @05:55PM Canadian Songwriters Propose $10/mo Internet Fee
Friday February 04, 2011 @12:20AM Free Internet Porn Is Legal, Says California Appeals Court
Thursday November 25, 2010 @10:14AM Facebook To Own the Word "Face"
Wednesday October 13, 2010 @08:23PM Big Media Wants More Piracy Busting From Google
Friday September 24, 2010 @05:42AM In France, Hadopi Reporting Begins, With (Only) 10,000 IP Addresses Per Day
Friday August 27, 2010 @11:22AM Czech Copyright Bill Undercuts Copyleft, Artists
Tuesday August 24, 2010 @05:33PM Argentine Government Orders Major ISP To Close
Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:54PM RIAA President Says Copyright Law "Isn't Working"
Friday August 20, 2010 @12:10AM RIAA Wants 'Net Neutrality' To Include Filtering
Tuesday August 17, 2010 @12:22AM NAB, RIAA May Seek Mandate For FM Radios In Mobile Devices
Friday August 13, 2010 @11:31AM Google Responds To Net Neutrality Reviews
Monday August 02, 2010 @10:05PM Intuit Still Fighting Government Tax Software
Friday July 02, 2010 @04:28PM Intel Co-Founder Calls For Tax On Offshored Labor
Thursday July 01, 2010 @08:31PM RIAA Calls YouTube-Viacom Decision Bad Public Policy
Wednesday June 30, 2010 @04:27PM IEEE Supports Software Patents In Wake of Bilski
Friday June 25, 2010 @06:31PM ASCAP Declares War On Free Culture, EFF
Saturday April 17, 2010 @08:16AM Media Industry Wants Mandated Spyware and More
Thursday April 15, 2010 @01:03PM Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future
Saturday March 27, 2010 @01:07PM Decoding Mobile Carriers' Latest Push For Profits
Sunday March 21, 2010 @10:39AM Company Sued, Loses For Not Using Patented Tech
Tuesday March 09, 2010 @07:09PM Gas Wants To Kill the Wind
Saturday March 06, 2010 @02:50AM TiVo Time Warp Judgment Affirmed
Thursday February 25, 2010 @07:16AM Use Open Source? Then You're a Pirate!
Sunday February 21, 2010 @05:36PM ACTA Internet Chapter Leaked — Bad For Everyone
Friday February 19, 2010 @07:13PM eBay Urges Rethink On EU Plan's "Brick and Mortar" Vendor Requirement
Thursday November 12, 2009 @02:42PM MPAA Asks Again For Control Of TV Analog Ports
Sunday September 13, 2009 @01:42PM Geist On Copyright As Canada Consult Nears End

Some people manage by the book, even though they don't know who wrote the book or even what book.


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