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Saturday January 25, 2014 @06:22PM Kentucky: Programming Language = Foreign Language
Friday January 03, 2014 @08:22AM Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham
Thursday October 11, 2012 @09:19PM US Election's Only VP Debate Tonight: Weigh In With Your Reactions
Friday August 17, 2012 @10:53AM Kentucky lawmakers shocked to find evolution in biology tests
Thursday May 17, 2012 @04:14PM From MIT Inventor To Tea Party Leader
Friday February 17, 2012 @07:49PM Kentucky Telephone Companies Pushing For Option To End Basic Service
Friday November 04, 2011 @06:27PM Theologian Attempts Censorship After Losing Public Debate
Sunday April 24, 2011 @09:02PM Kentucky Man Builds Bourbon Powered Car
Friday December 03, 2010 @07:04PM Kentucky Announces Creationism Theme Park
Thursday July 09, 2009 @07:26PM Stacking of New Space Vehicle Begins At KSC
Friday January 09, 2009 @12:39AM Unemployment Claims Crash State Web Sites
Thursday September 25, 2008 @03:07PM State of Kentucky Seizes Control of 141 Domain Names
Thursday March 13, 2008 @09:17AM State Lawmaker Wants To Ban Anonymous Posting Online
Wednesday November 22, 2006 @12:16PM Creationism Museum To Open Next Summer

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