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Sunday May 03, 2015 @03:42PM Empty Landscape Looms, If Large Herbivores Continue to Die Out
Friday March 20, 2015 @09:44PM Meet the Carolina Butcher, a 9-Foot Crocodile That Walked On Two Legs
Sunday August 31, 2014 @05:15PM The Passenger Pigeon: A Century of Extinction
Monday June 16, 2014 @07:14PM Humans Not Solely To Blame For Passenger Pigeon Extinction
Saturday September 21, 2013 @02:37PM Linking Mass Extinctions To the Sun's Journey In the Milky Way
Monday September 05, 2011 @12:46PM Using Stem Cells to Save Endangered Species
Tuesday October 26, 2010 @10:10PM Giant Impact Crater Found In Australia
Monday July 12, 2010 @05:35PM Sun's Dark Companion 'Nemesis' Not So Likely
Monday January 05, 2009 @10:02PM More Evidence For a Clovis-Killer Comet
Tuesday December 19, 2006 @09:04PM White Dolphin Functionally Extict
Sunday June 04, 2006 @03:29AM Antarctic Blast Made Australia, Room For Dinosaurs