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Date / TimeStory
Tuesday May 08, 2012 @04:38AM Computer restoration memorial prize launched
Friday April 27, 2012 @12:22PM Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Dangerous Lines of Scientific Inquiry?
Tuesday August 30, 2011 @10:57AM Cornell's Creative Machines Lab Lets Chatbots Interact
Thursday February 24, 2011 @03:12AM Talking To Computers?
Sunday November 07, 2010 @07:00PM How To Profit From Planetary-Scale Computing
Sunday September 12, 2010 @08:17AM Google Caffeine Drops MapReduce, Adds "Colossus"
Tuesday April 13, 2010 @10:59PM The 1 Terabyte SSD Arrives
Thursday February 11, 2010 @02:10PM Anti-Piracy Windows 7 Update Phones Home Quarterly
Wednesday December 02, 2009 @01:58PM NASA Nebula, Cloud Computing In a Container
Sunday November 22, 2009 @02:00PM Colossus 3.5-in SSD Combines Quad Controllers
Friday October 30, 2009 @02:07AM Fixing Bugs, But Bypassing the Source Code
Wednesday September 23, 2009 @09:27AM Soviets Built a Doomsday Machine; It's Still Alive
Saturday February 21, 2009 @05:44PM 'Cybot' Development For Network Defense
Thursday February 07, 2008 @06:45PM One Computer to Rule Them All
Thursday November 15, 2007 @04:18PM Colossus Cracks Again
Wednesday November 14, 2007 @02:40PM Public Invited to Try Their Luck Against Old Cipher Tech
Thursday September 07, 2006 @03:36PM Enigma-Cracking Bombe Recreated
Wednesday March 08, 2006 @04:59PM The Tech of the Colossus
Saturday March 04, 2006 @07:42PM Long Dev Time Equals Better Game?

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.


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