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Date / TimeStory
Thursday March 05, 2015 @02:58PM Lauren Ipsum: A Story About Computer Science and Other Improbable Things
Sunday April 06, 2014 @12:37AM Mobile HTML5
Tuesday March 11, 2014 @02:57PM Book Review: Backbone.js Testing
Monday November 25, 2013 @01:59AM Book review: Digital Outcasts
Thursday October 31, 2013 @01:10PM Book Review: Stay Awhile and Listen
Monday October 28, 2013 @05:11PM Book Review: The App Generation
Sunday September 08, 2013 @03:50PM Book review: The Practice of Network Security Monitoring
Thursday May 23, 2013 @09:02AM The Human Division
Saturday February 16, 2013 @10:33PM Enyo: Up and Running
Thursday January 03, 2013 @02:10PM The Emperor's New Cosmos - Cracking the Code of Cosmic Creation: P.J. Sinclair
Thursday May 03, 2012 @10:23AM Book Review: Scala for the Impatient
Thursday March 22, 2012 @08:31AM HTML5 Developer's Cookbook
Saturday February 25, 2012 @04:12PM Google SketchUp for Game Design
Sunday November 20, 2011 @12:44AM Responsive Web Design
Sunday September 11, 2011 @11:14PM Book Review Scalability Rules
Monday August 29, 2011 @08:03PM Review of JIRA 4 Essentials
Saturday July 23, 2011 @04:59PM Generative Art a practical guide using processing
Saturday April 16, 2011 @10:44PM Book Review for "R Graphs Cookbook"
Saturday March 19, 2011 @12:33PM Book Review: The Art of Computer Programming 4A
Sunday January 30, 2011 @08:59AM PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance
Saturday December 18, 2010 @03:38PM Book Review for "Jboss AS 5 Performance Tuning"
Thursday October 07, 2010 @10:53PM Create a social network with Joomla and JoomSocial
Sunday September 19, 2010 @08:46PM Drupal e-commerce with Ubercart 2.x
Sunday September 12, 2010 @11:55PM Building the Realtime User Experience
Wednesday September 08, 2010 @02:12AM HTML5: Up and Running by Mark Pilgrim
Thursday June 24, 2010 @10:16PM Book Review for "Plone 3 Products Development Cook
Thursday May 27, 2010 @10:19PM Mahara 1.2 ePortfolios - Beginners guide
Friday May 07, 2010 @09:58PM Matplotlib for Python Developers
Friday May 07, 2010 @07:32PM Hacking Vim 7.2
Sunday April 25, 2010 @06:15PM Joomla 1.5 Beginner's Guide (Tiggeler)
Sunday March 28, 2010 @08:14PM Book Review: A User's Guide to the Universe
Saturday March 27, 2010 @08:09PM Book Review: Flash on Devices
Wednesday December 16, 2009 @04:32PM Website Owner's Manual
Monday September 25, 2006 @04:27PM Choose your own adventure book meets group wisdom

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (10) Sorry, but that's too useful.


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