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Monday September 29, 2014 @08:41AM Piracy Police Chief Calls For State Interference To Stop Internet "Anarchy"
Monday September 01, 2014 @02:27PM New Nigerian ID Card Includes Prepay MasterCard Wallet
Tuesday August 12, 2014 @10:05AM Chinese Researchers' 'Terror Cam' Could Scan Crowds, Looking for Stress
Friday August 01, 2014 @03:12AM UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity
Sunday July 20, 2014 @05:52PM Ars Editor Learns Feds Have His Old IP Addresses, Full Credit Card Numbers
Friday June 20, 2014 @08:05PM Chicago Adding Sensors For Public Monitoring
Thursday June 19, 2014 @06:41PM How Secret Partners Expand NSA's Surveillance Dragnet
Saturday May 31, 2014 @10:14PM New Federal Database Will Track Americans' Credit Ratings, Other Financial Info
Tuesday May 20, 2014 @12:23PM Gun Rights Groups Say They Don't Oppose Smart Guns, Just Mandates
Sunday May 11, 2014 @01:40PM Silicon Valley's Love-Hate Relationship With President Obama
Tuesday May 06, 2014 @11:18AM Police Departments Using Car Tracking Database Sworn To Secrecy
Friday May 02, 2014 @09:53PM Reason Suggests DoJ Closing Porn Stars' Bank Accounts
Thursday May 01, 2014 @09:05AM Mathematicians Push Back Against the NSA
Tuesday April 29, 2014 @06:53PM CISPA 3.0: the Senate's New Bill As Bad As Ever
Friday April 25, 2014 @10:10AM Identity Dominance: the US Military's Biometric War In Afghanistan
Tuesday April 22, 2014 @08:27AM Eyes Over Compton: How Police Spied On a Whole City
Friday April 18, 2014 @06:51PM Peoria Mayor Sends Police To Track Down Twitter Parodist
Friday April 11, 2014 @11:00AM Canada Introduces Privacy Reforms That Encourage Warrantless Disclosure of Info
Monday March 24, 2014 @06:16AM L.A. Police: All Cars In L.A. Are Under Investigation
Tuesday January 28, 2014 @11:46PM Ukrainian Protesters Receive Mass Text Message Ordering Them To Disperse
Sunday January 26, 2014 @07:29PM Is the West Building Its Own Iron Curtain?
Sunday January 19, 2014 @06:23PM A Data Scientist Visits The Magic Kingdom, Sans Privacy
Tuesday December 31, 2013 @11:20AM NSA Surveillance Has No Boundaries, Expert Says
Tuesday December 31, 2013 @11:19AM UK introduces warrantless detention ..
Thursday December 26, 2013 @04:54PM Houston Expands Downtown Surveillance, Unsure If It Helps
Thursday December 19, 2013 @09:21AM Police Pull Over More Drivers For DNA Tests
Thursday December 05, 2013 @10:59AM NSA Tracking Cellphone Locations Worldwide
Wednesday November 13, 2013 @09:56AM Venezuela: Cheap Television Sets For All!
Wednesday October 30, 2013 @02:20PM Facebook Testing Screen-Tracking Software For Users
Monday October 28, 2013 @06:10PM Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth Wins Austria's Big Brother Award
Tuesday October 22, 2013 @09:28AM TSA Airport Screenings Now Start Before You Arrive At the Airport
Thursday October 17, 2013 @06:47AM Oakland Is Building a Big Data Center For Police Surveillance
Monday October 07, 2013 @09:34AM All Your Child's Data Are Belong to inBloom
Wednesday August 21, 2013 @06:19PM Public Facial Recognition Is Making Gains In Surveillance
Wednesday August 21, 2013 @04:15PM BOSS - Public Realtime Face Recognition Is Making Gains in Surveillance
Tuesday July 30, 2013 @07:12PM Moscow Subway To Use Special Devices To Read Data On Passengers' Phones
Wednesday July 17, 2013 @08:14PM ACLU Study says Police Cameras create Database of our movements
Saturday June 22, 2013 @09:35AM Data Miners Liken Obama Voters To Caesars Gamblers
Sunday June 16, 2013 @01:49PM AT&T Rolls Out iPhone Wireless Emergency Alerts
Thursday May 23, 2013 @03:11PM Terrorist Murder In London Could Revive Snooper's Charter
Tuesday April 23, 2013 @10:36AM Privacy Groups Attack UK ISPs 'Collusion' With Government Snooping
Tuesday April 09, 2013 @08:49AM Teachers Know If You've Been E-Reading
Friday April 05, 2013 @07:22PM The ATF Wants To Know Who Your Friends Are
Monday March 04, 2013 @09:41PM $100 Million Student Database Worries Parents
Friday December 28, 2012 @07:22PM Michigan Makes It Illegal To Ask For Employees' Facebook Logins
Wednesday December 12, 2012 @06:31PM Zero Day Hole In Samsung Smart TVs Could Have TV Watching You
Friday December 07, 2012 @11:43PM Some UK Councils Barred From Using Gov't Vehicle Database
Thursday December 06, 2012 @05:09PM Facebook Says EU 'Right To Be Forgotten' Would Harm Privacy
Tuesday December 04, 2012 @08:33PM Cops To Congress: We Need Logs of Americans' Text Messages
Tuesday November 20, 2012 @09:46AM Senate Bill Rewrite Lets Feds Read Your E-mail Without Warrants
Wednesday November 07, 2012 @06:28PM The Data Crunchers Who Helped Win The Election
Monday November 05, 2012 @03:47PM Will Microsoft Dis-Kinect Freeloading TV Viewers?
Saturday October 20, 2012 @11:34AM The Long Reach of US Extradition
Friday October 19, 2012 @05:24PM The Long Reach Of US Extradition
Saturday October 06, 2012 @11:27AM Hiring Smokers Banned In South Florida City
Wednesday October 03, 2012 @08:35PM Starting Next Year, Brazil Wants To Track All Cars Electronically
Monday September 24, 2012 @03:57AM Could UK Law Force Freetnet Developer to Distribute "Corrupted Builds"?
Saturday September 22, 2012 @08:27PM W3C Group Proposed To Safeguard User Agent State Privacy
Monday September 17, 2012 @07:17PM A Glimpse At Piracy In the UK and Beyond
Wednesday September 12, 2012 @09:27PM Australia Attorney General Proposes New Laws To Stop Twitter Trolls
Friday September 07, 2012 @06:34PM FBI Launches $1 Billion Nationwide Face Recognition System
Monday September 03, 2012 @11:32PM Australian Attorney General pushes ahead with Gov't Web Snooping
Monday August 27, 2012 @09:41PM UK License Plate Cameras Have "Gaps In Coverage"
Monday August 27, 2012 @09:33AM UK license-plate cameras have "gaps in coverage"
Thursday August 16, 2012 @04:11AM The Rapid Rise of License Plate Readers
Tuesday August 14, 2012 @08:05AM Leaked Emails Allegedly Tell of Global "Trapwire" Spy Network
Monday August 13, 2012 @05:40PM Australian Gov't Drops Plan To Snoop On Internet Use — For Now
Saturday August 11, 2012 @01:23AM Australian Government drops Internet plan to spy on public... for now
Friday August 10, 2012 @09:42PM In Brazil, All Vehicles Must Have Radio IDs By 2014
Friday August 10, 2012 @08:24PM Minneapolis Police Catalog License Plates and Location Data
Thursday August 02, 2012 @09:30PM RIM Agrees To Hand Over Its Encryption Keys To India
Tuesday July 31, 2012 @01:23PM Teenager Arrested In England For Criticizing Olympic Athlete On Twitter
Friday July 27, 2012 @01:50PM Google Didn't Delete All Street View Wi-Fi Data
Friday July 20, 2012 @02:27PM EFF Challenges National Security Letter
Thursday July 19, 2012 @11:03AM Al Franken Calls for Tight Rules on Facial Recognition Software
Friday July 13, 2012 @04:25PM Facebook Scans Chats and Posts For Criminal Activity
Friday July 13, 2012 @02:50PM ISP 'Six Strikes' Plan Delayed
Thursday July 12, 2012 @07:34AM 2 Year Data Retention For Australian ISPs
Tuesday July 10, 2012 @12:39PM Executive Order Grants US Gov't New Powers Over Communication Systems
Tuesday July 03, 2012 @11:33AM EU Parliament Adopts Resolution on eCall
Sunday June 17, 2012 @03:17PM Proposed UK Communications Law Could Be Used To Spy On Physical Mail
Saturday June 16, 2012 @11:33PM At Canadian Airports, Your Conversation May Be Remotely Recorded
Friday June 15, 2012 @02:31PM Online Activities To Be Recorded By UK ISPs
Friday June 15, 2012 @01:27PM Ethiopia Criminalizes VoIP Services
Saturday June 09, 2012 @02:27AM Intel To Launch TV Service With Facial Recognition By End of the Year
Friday June 08, 2012 @11:40PM Subject To a "Stop and Frisk"? There's an App For That
Friday June 08, 2012 @07:07PM Subject to a "stop and frisk"? There's an app for that.
Saturday June 02, 2012 @06:43PM Whose Cameras Are Watching New York Roads?
Thursday May 31, 2012 @11:07PM Soda Ban May Hit the Big Apple
Wednesday May 30, 2012 @04:41PM White House Announces Initiative to Fight Botnets
Tuesday May 29, 2012 @11:19AM Audio Surveillance, Intended to Detect Gunshots, Can Pick Up Much More
Wednesday May 23, 2012 @09:57AM FCC Boss Backs Metering the Internet
Wednesday May 23, 2012 @09:35AM Sci-fi Writer Elizabeth Moon Believes Everyone Should Be Chipped
Tuesday May 22, 2012 @04:46AM Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Monitor Traffic?
Monday May 07, 2012 @10:37PM Government Asks When It Can Shut Down Wireless Communications
Friday May 04, 2012 @06:19PM FBI: We Need Wiretap-Ready Web Sites — Now
Wednesday May 02, 2012 @09:34PM Canadian scientists muzzled by government
Sunday April 29, 2012 @04:41AM Microsoft Backs Away From CISPA Support, Citing Privacy
Friday April 27, 2012 @12:15AM House Passes CISPA
Wednesday April 25, 2012 @11:52PM TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl
Wednesday April 25, 2012 @11:42PM TSA Defends Pat Down of 4 Year Old Girl
Saturday April 21, 2012 @12:24PM Whistleblower: NSA Has All of Your Email
Friday April 20, 2012 @03:56AM Expect Mandatory 'Big Brother' Black Boxes In All New Cars From 2015
Monday April 09, 2012 @01:27PM Company Designs "Big Brother Chip"
Monday April 09, 2012 @11:23AM Innocent Or Not, the NSA Is Watching You
Saturday April 07, 2012 @04:55AM Wikileaks Publishes Info On International Mass-Surveillance Industry
Thursday April 05, 2012 @08:40AM Competition To Identify Sexual Predators In Chat Logs
Tuesday April 03, 2012 @12:31PM UK Proposing Real-Time Monitoring of All Communications
Monday April 02, 2012 @06:35PM Congress Pushing Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
Sunday March 25, 2012 @02:04AM Japanese CCTV Camera Can Scan 36 Million Faces/Second
Thursday March 22, 2012 @12:08PM New Samsung TV Watches You Watching It
Tuesday March 20, 2012 @12:59PM Sweden Moving Towards Cashless Economy
Monday March 19, 2012 @10:42PM Sweden moving towards cashless economy
Saturday March 17, 2012 @01:53AM New York State Passes DNA Requirement For Almost All Convicted Criminals
Thursday March 15, 2012 @05:57PM UK Plan Would Use CCTV To Stop Uninsured Drivers From Refueling
Wednesday March 14, 2012 @11:28PM CCTV to Stop Refueling for Uninsured Cars
Sunday March 04, 2012 @06:05PM Have We Lost Our Privacy To the Internet?
Friday March 02, 2012 @04:32PM Startup Wants To Peek Through Your Home's Wired Cameras
Monday February 27, 2012 @07:59PM France's Bold Drunk-Driving Legislation - Every Car To Carry a Breathalyzer
Monday February 20, 2012 @06:25PM Hunters Shoot Down Drone of Animal Rights Group
Monday February 20, 2012 @01:49PM UK Government To Demand Data On Every Call, Email, and Tweet
Sunday February 19, 2012 @03:41PM Australian Police Spying On Web, Phone Usage With No Warrants
Sunday February 19, 2012 @01:55PM Canada's Online Surveillance Bill: Section 34 "Opens Door To Big Brother"
Tuesday February 14, 2012 @01:09PM "Cyberwar" As a Carrot For Those Selling the Stick
Tuesday February 14, 2012 @11:59AM Cyberwar Is the New Yellowcake, Fueling a Cybersecurity-Industrial Complex
Saturday February 11, 2012 @09:52PM San Francisco Enlists Bus Cameras For Traffic Law Enforcement
Friday February 10, 2012 @04:14PM $115 ticket issued by a BUS camera?
Friday February 10, 2012 @02:17AM FAA Bill Authorizes Surveillance Drones Over US
Thursday February 09, 2012 @05:04PM Online Privacy Worth Less Than Marshmallow Fluff Six Pack
Friday February 03, 2012 @06:37AM Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist
Saturday January 14, 2012 @12:10PM DHS Monitors Social Media For "Political Dissent"
Friday January 13, 2012 @01:07PM Protect IP Act May Be Amended
Tuesday January 10, 2012 @09:04AM London Installing Largest Free Wifi Network
Saturday January 07, 2012 @06:02PM Leaked Memo Says Apple Provides Backdoor to Govern
Friday January 06, 2012 @12:56PM Iran Developing 'Halal' Domestic Intranet
Monday January 02, 2012 @08:38AM In New Zealand, a System To Watch for Disabled Parking Violators
Thursday December 29, 2011 @11:47PM TSA Got Everything It Wanted For Christmas
Wednesday December 28, 2011 @08:36PM IBM Granted Your-Paychecks-Are-What-You-Eat Patent
Monday December 26, 2011 @09:39AM LAPD Surveillance Cameras Go Unused
Friday December 16, 2011 @02:56AM Why the NTSB Is Wrong About Cellphones
Tuesday December 13, 2011 @10:13PM Carrier IQ Responds To FBI Drama, EFF Wants More Information
Tuesday December 13, 2011 @06:42PM NTSB Recommends Cell Phone Ban For Drivers
Monday December 12, 2011 @06:48PM Predator Drone Helps Nab Cattle Rustlers
Saturday November 26, 2011 @03:15PM Palantir, the War On Terror's Secret Weapon
Wednesday November 16, 2011 @02:32PM Feds Helped Coordinate Occupy X Crackdowns
Wednesday November 16, 2011 @12:35PM Obama Admin. helped coordinate Occupy X crackdowns
Tuesday November 15, 2011 @02:39PM Oxford City Council Mandates CCTV Cameras In Taxies by 2015
Tuesday November 08, 2011 @04:19PM Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found on SUV
Tuesday November 08, 2011 @02:06PM Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found on SUV
Friday November 04, 2011 @11:21AM Iranian Police Seizing Dissidents Get Aid Of Weste
Tuesday November 01, 2011 @07:36AM Multi-Target Photo-Radar System To Make Speeding Riskier
Wednesday October 26, 2011 @07:00PM China Detains Internet Users For Spreading Rumors
Sunday October 23, 2011 @12:44PM UK Government Pushing For 'Trusted Computing'
Friday October 21, 2011 @09:41AM How To Stop the Next WikiLeaks
Friday October 21, 2011 @06:33AM EU Debates Installing a Black Box On Your Computer
Wednesday October 19, 2011 @03:48PM German Surveillance Trojan Spies On Fifteen Apps
Monday October 17, 2011 @12:05PM How To Catch a Laptop Thief?
Friday October 14, 2011 @02:10AM How to catch a thief?
Thursday October 13, 2011 @03:31PM US Intelligence Mining Your Social Network Data
Tuesday October 11, 2011 @05:29PM US Government Seizes Email of WikiLeaks Volunteer
Tuesday October 11, 2011 @11:20AM German State Confesses To, Downplays Government Spyware
Tuesday October 11, 2011 @03:23AM Florida School District Begins Fingerprinting Students
Saturday October 08, 2011 @03:25PM FBI Plans Nationwide Face-Recognition Trials In 2012
Thursday October 06, 2011 @10:52AM Calif. Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Searches
Thursday October 06, 2011 @10:49AM Iran Blocks VPN Ports
Wednesday October 05, 2011 @01:15PM Big Brother Calls 'Shotgun' In Illinois
Monday October 03, 2011 @09:22PM Secure Browsing through Amazon?
Wednesday September 21, 2011 @02:13PM Yahoo Blocked Emails About Wall Street Protests
Monday September 19, 2011 @12:27PM Atlanta succumbing to Big Brother
Wednesday September 14, 2011 @12:56PM Medical Billing Codes For Injury Via Turtle Among Thousands Created by New Law
Sunday September 04, 2011 @09:28AM NYC Mayor Wants Traffic Camera On Every Corner
Friday September 02, 2011 @03:35PM China Calls For Even Firmer Internet Control
Wednesday August 24, 2011 @11:10AM NYC Mayor Wants Traffic Camera on Every Corner
Monday August 22, 2011 @09:04PM The Syrian government's internet strategy
Monday August 22, 2011 @08:50PM Twitter To Meet With UK Government About Riots
Saturday August 20, 2011 @02:44PM Argentina Censors Millions Of Websites
Friday August 19, 2011 @05:42PM A TV That Knows and Shares What You're Watching
Thursday August 18, 2011 @04:57PM Canadian Government Seeking New Net Snooping Powers
Tuesday August 16, 2011 @02:19PM China Praises UK Internet Censorship Plan
Saturday August 13, 2011 @05:49PM Dutch Government To Tax Drivers Based On Car Use
Saturday August 13, 2011 @12:04PM BART Disables Cell Service To Disrupt Protests
Tuesday August 09, 2011 @02:45PM India Wants To Monitor Twitter, Facebook
Monday August 08, 2011 @04:49PM RIM Helping UK Police Track Down Rioters
Sunday August 07, 2011 @05:22PM ISPs Will Now Be Copyright Cops
Friday July 29, 2011 @06:01PM House Panel Approves Bill Forcing ISPs To Log Users
Tuesday July 26, 2011 @09:23AM Stopping Terror with Social Networks/Technology
Sunday July 24, 2011 @06:24AM Heathrow To Install Facial Recognition Scanners
Friday July 22, 2011 @02:37PM Massachusetts Plans To Keep Track of Where Your Car Has Been
Monday July 18, 2011 @02:53PM Facial Recognition Gone Wrong
Monday July 18, 2011 @02:40AM NCAA to Tighten Twitter Rules
Tuesday July 12, 2011 @08:45PM Law Enforcement Still Wants Mandatory ISP Log Retention
Wednesday July 06, 2011 @12:53PM TSA Warns of Implanted Body Bombs
Thursday June 30, 2011 @10:07PM LulzSec, Anonymous Reason For PROTECT IP Act, Says RIAA
Wednesday June 22, 2011 @11:37AM Tracking Bracelets for Autistic Kids and Senior Citizens
Thursday June 16, 2011 @11:27AM IBM Turns 100
Tuesday June 14, 2011 @03:25AM Chinese Spying Devices Installed On Hong Kong Cars
Friday June 03, 2011 @09:38AM Apple Camera Patent Lets External Transmitters Disable Features
Friday June 03, 2011 @06:38AM Apple camera patent allows disabling features
Tuesday May 31, 2011 @03:14AM The Next Phase of Intelligent TVs Will Observe You
Tuesday May 24, 2011 @03:45PM Mandatory Automotive Black Boxes May Be On the Way

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