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+ - Red-hot metal falls from sky

Submitted by scuba_steve_1
scuba_steve_1 (849912) writes "An unidentified piece of red-hot metal crashed through the roof of a New Jersey warehouse today, landing mere feet from a warehouse employee. Witnesses stated that the impact sounded like a bomb...and this is Jersey, so that is most likely an informed opinion. The metal was apparently too hot to touch for nearly 30 minutes, causing one to infer that this object may have traveled through the atmosphere for some time, perhaps originating from orbit.

Further implying an exoatmospheric origin is the FAA's position that the object does not appear to be a piece of an aircraft. Examination of the object does, however, imply that it was fashioned by some intelligent creature, if not by humans. Has Starbuck's viper returned? Given that the metal is apparently cast iron, perhaps not. Such advanced materials may imply the Russian partner in the recent orbital slam dancing incident...but there are certainly many other candidates as well.

Either way, heads up."
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Red-hot metal falls from sky

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