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+ - 6.7 meter Telescope to Capture 30 Terrabytes/Night->

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Lumenary7204 writes "According to Matt Stephens at The Register UK, the 6.4 meter effective-diameter Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is a project to build a ground-based telescope that will be used to map some of the faintest objects in the night sky. Jeff Kantor, the LSST Project Data Manager, indicates that the telescope should be in operation by 2016, will generate around 30 terrabytes of data per night, and will "open a movie-like window on objects that change or move on rapid timescales: exploding supernovae, potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids, and distant Kuiper Belt Objects." The end result will be a 150 petabyte database containing one of the most detailed surveys of the universe ever undertaken by a ground-based telescope. The telescope's 8.3 meter mirror blank was recently unveiled at the University of Arizona's Mirror Lab in Tucson."
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6.7 meter Telescope to Capture 30 Terrabytes/Night

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