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+ - Party Ideas For Nerds? 4

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rbf writes "I am wondering what party ideas /. readers have for a group of nerds? There is a girl I like at my university who is a graduate student in mathematics who will be having a birthday next month. She had thought of having a nerd-themed party with things such as coming with tape on glasses, pants hiked up, etc. However, she decided against it as most of her friends are math nerds and wouldn't have to dress up! So my question for the /. community is: Are there any fun party ideas that would be appealing to a group of nerds that consist mostly of math majors?"
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Party Ideas For Nerds?

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  • I went to a Pirates vs. Ninjas party once. It was fun.
  • You could have people come dressed as their favorite web meemes, play dungeons and dragons, serve lots of intense caffeinated beverages and cheap ethnic food, light the room with LEDs, solder something...
  • I put on my robe and wizard hat...
  • How about a "PI" eating contest? Math majors also love Mensa quizes, Rubik's cube puzzles, and wire puzzles. Try the game Khet (laser chess) and Blokus; both Mensa approved. Even playing Blackjack is a math game if you show the cards that have been played already (probability). PS - I have a math minor.

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