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Ball lightning caught on video and spectrograph

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  • I saw a ball lightning when I was about 6 year old. I didn't know that it was a ball lightning. It happened inside the house of my granny, in rural China.

    All I saw was a "light ball", kinda floating off from the ground and then up and then traveled horizontally (don't remember if there was a wind blowing at that time) and then disappeared.

    That "light ball" is not exactly round. When it "floats" and 'travels" the shame kinda changes (a little bit like jelly fish) but it did give out very bright and slightly

    • by mhajicek (1582795)
      Naw, that wasn't ball lighting. It was an alien probe! JK. I saw something that could be described as ball lightning about a decade ago. My wife and I were playing Diablo II on the main floor with our renter friend upstairs, during a thunderstorm. A blue light came in through the closed glass window, darted past my face between me and my monitor, went straight to the closet and followed the network cable upstairs. Our friend upstairs reported it coming out of his closet, past his face, and out his closed g

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