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Submitted by TrueSatan
TrueSatan (1709878) writes "Previously devices have either been of an heart-assist type or short term heart replacements. Physicians at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris have inserted a heart made by the French Carmat company. The heart features bovine tissue components used to reduce the clot forming tendencies of fully artificial units and is intended to allow greater freedom of movement to the patient than previous, short-term use, units permitted. It is powered by external, wearable, lithium-ion batteries and is approximately 3 times heavier than a typical (European) human heart though the manufacturer intends to reduce the weight and size of the unit so as to allow use by smaller recipients in particular most women and men from areas of the world where average body size is less than white/caucasian averages...they specify India and China though this is hardly an exclucive clientelle."
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First Long-Term Artificial Heart Implant

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