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+ - Curing cancer via retraining pateint's own immune system->

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An anonymous reader writes "Interesting story on CNN about the University of Pennsylvania's human trial results on curing incurable cancer by retraining the patient's own immune system.

Twenty-one other young people received the same treatment at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and 18 of them, like Nick, went into complete remission.

"Fifteen years ago I was in the lab looking at these cells kill tumor cells in a petri dish and then I saw them kill tumor cells in mice, and then finally in humans," Brentjens said.

He says he'll never forget the first patient he treated, who initially had an enormous amount of cancer cells in his bone marrow. Then after the therapy, Brentjens looked under the microscope and, in awe, realized he couldn't find a single cancer cell.


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Curing cancer via retraining pateint's own immune system

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