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Submitted by David Gerard
David Gerard (12369) writes "Elsevier, in final desperation mode, is going after authors sharing their own papers online. reported to several researchers that Elsevier "is currently upping the ante in its opposition to academics sharing their own papers online." This is the sound of a boycott biting. Repeat after me: "Elsevier delenda est.""
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Elsevier going after authors sharing their own papers

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  • "Delenda Est" is a short story written by Poul Anderson, part of his Time Patrol (1960) series. The title alludes to the Latin phrase Carthago delenda est ("Carthage must be destroyed") from the Third Punic War.

  • I agree that the battle with Elsevier is worthwhile cause, but much bigger problem - failures of peer-review process - goes undressed. Scientific research is still stuck in the pre-Internet mentality of paper journals. Part of it is publishers. Another part of it is page limitation and unwillingness to publish the data. Yet another one is lazy (just get your grads to review it) approach to peer-review process. Yet another one is negative impact of "publish or perish".

    Modern approach to scientific publicat

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