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+ - FinSpy C&C Servers Found in 25 Countries Including Canada, Australia, India,->

hypnosec writes: FinFisher spyware a.k.a. FinSpy has been updated to evade detection techniques over the last few months and has managed to increase its foothold in as many as 25 countries warn security researchers over at Toronto University’s Munk School of Global Affairs. The team of researchers has been tracking the spyware for over a year now and have found traces of the ‘lawful interception’ tool in as many as 25 courtiers with a total of 36 command and control servers. According to the researchers FinSpy has been changing tactics and behavior over the last few months, since October to be precise, in a bid to evade detection. The new countries that showed up on the list were Bangladesh, Canada, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Serbia and Vietnam. Previous studies pinpointed the spyware in 10 countries.
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FinSpy C&C Servers Found in 25 Countries Including Canada, Australia, India,

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