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+ - Moving Linux Console to the Userspace-> 2

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "David Herrmann has provided an update on his ambitious initiative to kill of the Linux kernel console. Herrmann has long been working on making the Linux kernel CONFIG_VT option unnecessary for providing a Linux console by punting it off to user-space. The Linux kernel VT console hasn't been changed much in the past two decades and Herrmann is hoping to see it replaced with a user-space solution he's been developing that would allow for multi-seat support, a hardware-accelerated console, full internalization, and other features."
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Moving Linux Console to the Userspace

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  • Are you a root superuser on a Linux system? Well, you had best be fully qualified to deal with the console as it now stands. If you can't hack it, get the fuck out because you do not belong.

    Are you an end user who wants a terminal that offers you a nice variety of neat features to help you customize your experience to the Nth degree? Fine, go with a user-space terminal that gives you all of that and more.

    So, go ahead and put together a nice user space Terminal for the end users, but forget about the idea of

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