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Submission + - Bill proposed in Oregon State Senate to ban "drones" puts R/C flying in jeopardy ( 2

TVmisGuided writes: "A bill introduced into the Oregon State Senate by Floyd Prozanski (D-4th) would ban private ownership or operation of "drones" in that state. The trouble, as pointed out by the Roswell Flight Test Crew, is that the bill's definition of "drone" is so broad and vague that it actually could ban all radio-controlled flying in that state. Even OWNING "an unmanned flying machine that is capable of [among other things] capturing images of objects or people on the ground” would be a Class B misdemeanor, on a par with stealing $50 in merchandise or possessing a switchblade. Actually flying one bumps it up to a Class A misdemeanor, equivalent to drunk driving or unlicensed carriage of a concealed firearm. Text of the bill here (in PDF)."
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Bill proposed in Oregon State Senate to ban "drones" puts R/C flying in jeopardy

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  • Well they can have my drone, when they pry it from my cold dead hands. This bill seems to put more priority on using drones as a camera platform than anything to do with safety. Seems the senator Floyd has reason to worry that someone might catch him at doing something perhaps he shouldn't be doing. Or is his worry someone might have reason to launch a missile up his ass? The paranoia in Oregon reaches new heights when this is considered more dangerous to public safety than enacting some basic gun control
  • ...that they didn't bother to first run this past the state's agricultural community. []

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