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Submission + - BEST finds surface temperature changes track GHG emissions and volcanoes-> 2

riverat1 writes: The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature studies latest release finds that land surface temperature changes since 1750 are nearly completely explained by increases in greenhouse gases and large volcanic eruptions. They also said that including solar forcing did not significantly improve the fit. Unlike the other major temperature records BEST used nearly all available temperature records instead of just a representative sample. Yet to come is an analysis that includes ocean temperatures.
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BEST finds surface temperature changes track GHG emissions and volcanoes

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  • Graphs stop at 2000, what about the last 12 years - oh that's right the warming trend stopped around 2000 and would be bad for your revenue.

    • by riverat1 (1048260)

      Huh? Looks to me like the graphs extend beyond the 2000 line and based on the scale go to about 2010. 12 years isn't long enough to discern a meaningful temperature trend.

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