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+ - Future Electronics: How Gadgets Will Change in 5 Years->

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SternisheFan writes "'s Jeremy Hsu writes:
    — Today's high-definition TVs and tablets will have to make room for tomorrow's video greeting cards, audio speakers customized for each person's ears, and gadgets that can read human emotions. Such futuristic devices will arrive within the next five years, experts say.

  Touch-based tablets and gesture-recognition devices on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) convention floor could give way to eye gaze interaction that allows for automatic scrolling, "skin stretch feedback" that moves tiny knobs against human fingertips as a cue for gamers, and mobile or household devices that take people's emotional states into account.

  "We'll have computers and devices that interpret our emotions, gestures and faces as we use them," said Tom Wilson, CEO of emotion3D. "They'll interpret moods to give consumers a more helpful and rewarding experience.""

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Future Electronics: How Gadgets Will Change in 5 Years

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